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Bournemouth Half – Graham Robinson tells of a challenging start but a more than satisfactory finish to the south coast half

Being full of cold all week before, it was touch and go whether I was actually going to toe the line for the half marathon at all. In addition, my longest run since May was 10 miles at the running weekend the Sunday before, so I was somewhat doubtful about how things were likely to go… but, given that we had already planned a weekend on the coast I thought I’d at least go and see how I felt. The sea air seemed to do the trick and I decided that I’d be able to get myself round so long I was sensible in the first few miles.

We strolled the mile to the start line in plenty of time and after checking the baggage lorries, I decided (slightly foolishly) that as my number wasn’t on the listings, I’d be able to drop my bag right on the start line (as in previous years) – note to self, read your number carefully before turning up at the start of the race! With 10 minutes to go I arrived at the start line with no signs of any baggage area. Oh dear! A helpful marshal informed me that I best return to the actual baggage area, and so after a swift return back there, a quick change and run back (a good warmup, yes…), I just missed out on making it back to the start line in time. I snuck into the wave behind and patiently waited my turn to run. Being chip timed, it wasn’t a major issue, and to be honest I concluded that it would save me from trying to run too quickly in the opening miles.

The course is mostly along the coastline, and it was a relief that the wind wasn’t as strong as it can be down there. The hill at 8 miles always takes it out of you, but it was only in the last few miles that my legs started to really complain. Still, it was nice to do a race where I wasn’t overtaken throughout! Overall, a sub 1.20 clocking so I was happy enough with that given the preparation and quite nice to enjoy a full English afterwards on the sea front…currently not in the results, so not official, but hey there are worse things! Oh, and a big thank you to the Sandhurst supporters club who turned up on mass around the course…it always helps to know people are out there watching…

Bournemouth post race


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