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Bournemouth Marathon Festival – SJ Members’ Highlights

Mike Guess – finished the half marathon in 1:35:48

This was my fourth running of this fabulous half marathon and the fourth time the weather was absolutely brilliant – good enough to sit on the beach in shorts and T shirts.
Great to see a few SJs on the course and thanks to Jenny, Nikki, Mark & Dave for support en route – although I’m sure I heard them laughing when I went by !
As for me, a couple of minutes slower than last year and behind Jim Laidlaw, but importantly the first time I have finished in front of Graham!!!
Anyway, if you decide not to book a holiday in early October next year, and don’t mind getting up in the middle of the night, then I can recommend this event.  Look forward to seeing you there – I’m in already !
You can read Mike’s full report here
Mike Bournemouth Number
Graham Robinson  – finished the half marathon in sub 1:20

The course is mostly along the coastline, and it was a relief that the wind wasn’t as strong as it can be down there. The hill at 8 miles always takes it out of you, but it was only in the last few miles that my legs started to really complain. Overall, a sub 1.20 clocking despite the challenges at the start so I was happy enough with that given the preparation and quite nice to enjoy a full English afterwards on the sea front… currently not in the results, so not official, but hey there are worse things! Oh, and a big thank you to the Sandhurst supporters club who turned up on mass around the course… it always helps to know people are out there watching…

You can read Graham’s full report here


Bournemouth post race

Ray Hale – finished the half marathon in 1:37:57

Great to see and hear the SJ supporters. It makes a difference when you hear your name and great to see Graham, Jim, & Mike – Everyone looks good, I don’t have much of a race plan these days just aiming to get to the finish. Into the the last mile and I am aware of the SJ crew but too knackered to respond. We hit the last pier, I glance an my watch and am aware if I get a move on I might get 1.40 so I manage a sprint and get in at 1.39.57. I meet Mike and we head off for breakfast on the sea front. The sun is shinning so what a great way to spend the day. We later heard Mike won our age group and I was 4th.
You can read Ray’s full report here
Mike & Ray Bournemouth
Wayne Boardman – finished the half marathon in 1:51:20

Once again Bournemouth was another great event; a stunning course, gorgeous weather, and great SJ support both on and off the course. To finish quicker than planned whilst feeling there was still plenty in the tank is a feeling I’ll cherish, such a great way to end a race. I think Lou Gubb summed it up beautifully when she commented on my post “Train Hard Race Easy!”….she has a point!

You can read Wayne’s full report here

Wayne Bournemouth Half medal


Jackie Brighton finished the marathon in 4:21:03

Earlier this year after some successful half marathons and increasing my mileage I decided to enter a marathon. I decided on Bournemouth as the weather would have cooled down a bit by October (I hate running in the heat – give me a cold early morning run any day!). Typically I then became injured. Tendonitis in my foot then a torn calf put paid to my training for a lot of the summer. I started running again mid August. I was thinking of pulling out of Bournemouth due to lack of training but had my arm twisted by a few Monday night club runners to give it a go! Fast forward to Sunday 7th October. A chilly morning but the sun was shining. Great atmosphere and very well organised. Set off in waves just after 10am. Started off reasonably flat but the hills gradually kicked in. I enjoyed the sea view throughout most of the course with lots of straight sections along the beach front. Great support from the crowds. Loads of water stations. I’d definitely recommend it although it’s not a course to try for a PB!


Claire Rowse completed her debut marathon in 3:56:19

Brilliant support between Boscombe and Bournemouth pier – I was greeted by the friendly faces of Jim Laidlaw and Wayne Boardman who were walking along the front after their half marathons, and also by the awesome SJ cheer squad at the end of Boscombe pier.  Also my husband and daughter spied me from high up in the ferris wheel. After I made my way through the finish area to collect my goodie bag and medal, I made my way back to find my family and enjoyed a paddle in the sea with my daughter to soothe my aching feet.  It was rude not to on a sunny warm day by the seaside and the perfect way to end my first marathon.

You can read Claire’s full report here

claire over the finish


Kieran Cooper finished the half marathon in 1:46:37

All in all it was a really good experience and to come away with a huge PB was amazing. I’ll definitely be going back next year, maybe for a sub 1:40? I need to give a big shoutout to the multiple people who were shouting my name from Sandhurst and also the other Sandhurst Jogers. It’s weird how much it can push you on and make you run harder when people are encouraging you.

Read Kieran’s full race report here

Kieran Bournemouth


Jim Laidlaw finished the half marathon in 1:28:47

The last three and a bit miles are Bournemouth pier to Boscombe pier and back to Bournemouth pier. This gives you a massive target to run towards but it did feel like they weren’t getting any nearer. The SJ cheers squad were just where I needed them; just before and then just after Boscombe Pier. I had started to slow slightly and the pace was around 6.50, still ahead of the target and it makes such a difference having people you know shouting at you! I squeeze a bit more out of the legs, picked up the pace and got another 6.40 ish mile out at mile 12.
The last mile takes you round the Bournemouth Pier and back into the finish area. I hadn’t looked at my watch time wise as I’d set it up to only give me per mile times. Into the last stretch I gave it everything I had left and crossed the line. 1.28.47 !! I couldn’t believe it, I felt fantastic.


You can read Jim’s full report here

Jim Bournemouth

Caroline Stuart finished the marathon in 4:03:50

Along the sea front was glorious, a shout out from fellow SJ Jim Laidlaw kept me moving.. the last 6 miles definitely felt like the hardest ones and felt like they were never going to end. Waiting for the turn to head back was really hard on the mind for sure… I knew I was running a good time for me and found it hard not to keep clock watching but could see the time ticking away!! Over the finish line, 6 minutes better than my PB set 2 years earlier so although I’m not quite there yet (sub 4), it’s a good step in the right direction towards my target! I would definitely recommend it as a race to do… amazing views doing what we all love best!

You can read Caroline’s full report here

Caroline Bournemouth medal


Kirsty Darcy finished her first marathon in 4:57:06

My family were all at the finish line along with my friend (who had taken ill during the race and forced to withdraw) which I was delighted about. In total I raised £1600 for Motor Neurones disease.

I always vowed never to run again after this marathon… my aim was always to burn my trainers however much to my surprise and everyone who knows me… I actually quite enjoyed it! My marathon time was not fast, it definitely wasn’t pretty but it definitely won’t be my last!

You can read Kirsty full report here
kirsty bournemouth wine

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