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Bournemouth Marathon -Kirsty Darcy tells of collapsing companions and burning trainers!

Twelve months ago after receiving my London marathon rejection magazine I was talked into signing up for Bournemouth Marathon! I decided that if I was going to run a marathon I may as well try and raise some money along the way.

So being the type of person who doesn’t believe in sponsoring people unless they have set themselves a ‘proper challenge’ I decided to challenge myself to running 12 events in 12 months with the final event being the marathon…. a big challenge with 2 young children, busy job and a husband who often travels with work.

In those 12 months I ran various half marathons, 10 mile runs, a couple of Duathlons and a couple of 10k’s. I had some great runs and some pretty awful runs. The awful runs were awful due to the devil on my shoulder telling me to stop, my legs hurt, I felt sick etc etc.

So in the lead up to the marathon I did everything I possibly could to make sure I had a good run…. I hydrated, I gave up alcohol, I rested and I carb loaded.

The day of the marathon came and I was running it with one of my friends who I had completed all of my training with. We agreed no matter what we would stay together and we tried not to put too much pressure on ourselves to get a good time, at the end of the day we would get a PB being our first marathon no matter what.

When the race started we were in the 4th pen to start and we set off at a steady pace, we were determined not to get caught up with the crowd and start too fast.

All was going to plan until at mile 11 my friend collapsed. She had been poorly the night before with a sickness bug and I think attempting to run it on empty took its toll. The marshals reacted quickly and once I knew she was being looked after I knew I had to continue.

The prospect of running the next 15 miles alone was a scary one as we had done all of our training together and for the first few miles after this my head was not in a great place. However my family were spread out at several points along the route and seeing them really helped. By mile 18 I knew my friend was ok and I knew then that I would finish this marathon no matter what.

By the time I got to mile 22 everything hurt and I was longing for the finish line, I took it steady and ran/walked these last few miles.

kirsty bournemouth finish arm

My family were all at the finish line along with my friend which I was delighted about.

kirsty bournemouth finish

In total I raised £1,600 for Motor Neurones disease.

I always vowed never to run again after this marathon… my aim was always to burn my trainers however much to my surprise and everyone who knows me… I actually quite enjoyed it!

My marathon time was not fast, it definitely wasn’t pretty but it definitely won’t be my last!

kirsty bournemouth wine



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