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Julian Farrell Camberley 10k – SJ Member Highlights

Sarah Jones

‘The 10K was good, enjoying doing it alongside the other SJ members- kept me calm beforehand! The course itself was hilly at points but a lovely marshall (also called Sarah) helped me along the way to the finish where I got the time of 1hr 16 which I was chuffed at!’

Sarah Camberley.jpg

Mo Willcox

‘The weather was so perfect on Sunday, I was pleased I had signed up for the Camberley 10K. It isn’t as busy as the Yateley series, which is the only 10K race I’ve done before, but it was still a bit of a scrum to get over the start line and out of the school. I had been warned about the first couple of hills, but not the one at around 8K!! The downhills are pure relief after all that hard work! The cheeky incline at around 9K came as a surprise too!! I really enjoyed the race, especially the camaraderie amongst the other SJs!’

Mo Camberley 10k.jpg


Fiona Marshall

‘In a nutshell I was bored on Saturday, flicked through Facebook and realised I had a couple of hours spare on Sunday. Rode down on my bike hoping to get an entry on the day. Picked up a number, caught up with some old friends, made my legs move faster than they have for many months and had a lovely run out in the sunshine. Another quick chat and then a lovely cycle home in the sunshine. First (and only my fourth stand alone) 10k in about 9 years. Made me remember that it hurts to run faster then the slow plod I’ve got used to for so long now!’

Fiona Camberley.jpg


Michelle Wilson

‘We were very lucky with the weather as it turned out to be a lovely sunny morning. There was a brilliant SJ turn out and it really struck me what an amazingly supportive club this is! The Camberley hills were a little tough on a Sunday morning, but there were plenty of friendly SJ faces cheering us in at the end.’

michelle Camberley


Charley Bryant

‘I really enjoyed it! First 10k road race in about a year. Hillier than expected and was a last minute decision to run having felt terrible the week before but glad I did. Was good to see so many SJ runners (I missed the photo!) and have my name called out by Stuart Mayes and his kids at the end to spur me on to a sprint finish.’

camberley charley


Mark Foker

‘I picked up Gareth Hopkins on the way to the Camberley 10K. We were told by a few people and also the blurb on the official confirmation letter…that parking was very limited in the area (even for a Sunday) So we set out before the birds were even awake. Ended up getting there at 8.30am. They were still setting everything up. We found the mobile coffee van which actually probably kept me going during the race.

Sandhurst Joggers was well represented and I think there were quite a number of PBs floating about the finishing line. So well done everybody. I found the course easier than the Yateley 10K’s although there was the long gradual hill along Portsmouth Road just as you crossed over the motorway bridge.

Also people lie…”Don’t worry, thats the last hill” one of the Marshall’s said. But there was a crafty little hill just before you entered the school which took me by surprise. Very well organised and I was pleased with my own PB.’

Camberley 10k Dan, Mark & Gareth medals


Celeste Moruzzi

‘Having graduated from the pure beginners course in July, a few of us signed up for the Camberley 10k with the aim of just getting round! I found the first 5k reasonably flat with one tough hill. The next 5k had a very tough hill and I was pleased to (finally) reach the top, it was followed by a lovely flat section then, to my dismay, another great hill! I thoroughly enjoyed the run though, the weather was perfect and all the support from the other SJs and the marshalls was amazing. I’m happy to say that all of us graduates finished before the cut off time and I was happily surprised and elated at my 1 hour 8 mins time, I will definitely be signing up for more.’


Nicola Coe

When I joined pure beginners in May and I struggled to run for 30 seconds never did I think I would be able to run for 1km let alone 10km! I saw a good saying the other day, train hard, race easy and I think that is so true. I found the first 3K nice and flat and was able to keep a good pace, I had a plan jog 2mins at a steady pace and then 30 seconds faster than normal, and this seemed to work really well, until the hills… I have done the hill training sessions with Mike so I knew what I was in for, but I don’t know what is worse a long slow incline or a sharp incline. Either way I did a mixture of jog and 30 seconds of walking to make it up all the hills. It was a nice surprise when I thought the hills had ended there were still more to come! However I made it to the down hill section and again tried to use my hills training sessions to run confidently faster down the hills. 7-10K was flying by and I was enjoying it to what a bonus! I knew by the end I was heading for a PB which kept me going and before I knew it, I could see my son flagging me to the finish line. A finish time of 1:10:46 which is 10 minutes of my training PB What an experience it was easier than in training, I enjoyed it more, and I came straight home looking up my next race to enter! So for any pure beginners believe in yourself it may seem hard at the beginning but you can do it and it is so worthwhile.’

Nicola Camberley


Andrea Vincent

‘As always thanks for the encouragement. Sunday was not a good result and somehow I ended up running it quite a bit slower than my 10 mile pace. Felt like a complete waste of effort but of course it’s always a good training run.’

Andrea Camberley

Sharon Burfield

‘Camberley 10k was really good. Nice and local, and we were lucky with the weather. A few ‘undulations’ but generally an enjoyable run around Camberley! Nice medal and simple goody bag! Definitely one for next year.’


Jon Payne

‘This is a nice local race for me and couldn’t have asked for better conditions.  It’s quite a challenging course with a couple of long hills so I normally use it as a measure of my fitness going into the cross country season. Although I’m still a long way off the times I was running a few years back, I was happy to be almost 2 minutes quicker than my last 10k in early August, finishing in 43:16. Hoping to knock some more time off this at the slightly flatter Fleet 10k in a couple of weeks!’


Janet Ford

‘When a race starts outside your front door and they offer a ‘local residents’ discount, it seems rude not to take part, so this was my seventh run of the Camberley 10k. Some minor alterations to the course were an improvement and a nice sunny, but not too hot day made for an enjoyable run, that was friendly and well marshalled. Not a PB for me, but great support from other Sandhurst Joggers.’

janet Camberley.jpg


Jane Bannister

‘A nice local event this and I ran I this for the first time last year. It was great to see so many SJ’s and lots of Pure Beginers who were all doing their first 10km. Slight change of route over last year and they snuck in a sneaky little hill at the end. What made my day was cheering the Pure Beginners over the finish line.’

Jane Camberley


Dave Bartlett

‘I first ran the Camberley 10K 12 months ago and felt I could have run faster. Wind the clock forward 12 months and I’d evidently forgot how tough it was. A more challenging route than I recall I was pleased to get sub 50. Well marshalled and on our doorsteps its a great way to get an official 10k behind you. I’d highly recommend it and suggest all members should run it once so they know where Crawley Ridge is!’

Dave Camberley


Harvey Young

‘This was my second Camberley 10k and I found all my recent training finally paid off as I ran my fastest 10k time, conditions were perfect and there was a great SJ turnout a nice low key local run.’

Harvey Camberley.jpg


Yuliya Fowler

‘To be honest, it was my first ever 10k, i have never run anything more than 6-7. I was just happy I finished and in 1:20 was even better. Before Church hill I was absolutely fine. But once I got to it I had to walk the bloody thing and all the hills after so it slowed me down. Thanks to all the amazing support of marshals, runners and of course SJ I crossed the finish line. That’s all really. I already signed up for another 10k in hope to improve my time.’


Roger Halliwell

‘It was the first time that I have run the Camberley Julian Farrell 10k. It was a relatively small event. It was well organised and a good course. Parking was a bit of a challenge, but OK if you didn’t mind a long walk to the start. I personally had an appalling run and logged my personal worst time for a 10k run! But it was great to see other SJs enjoy great runs.’
SJ Team Camberley

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