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Lucy’s Memorial Run – Jackie Kent shares more on this special run

At the beginning of September you may remember an email from Jenny Robinson, telling us that Lucy Zirbser (Clayton) had died from Cancer. At the weekend, we ran in her memory at Frensham Ponds where her memorial bench is situated.

lucy grizzly.jpg

Seven of us turned out for the run and after a few minutes of discussion about the weather and how many layers to wear, we were ready to go. We set off in the direction of the little pond and quickly came to Lucy’s bench. We stopped here for about ten minutes, looking at the bench and the view across the water. Those who had known Lucy told us a bit about her and we took few photographs. I didn’t know Lucy myself so I was surprised how emotional if felt to be there.

lucy's bench

Lucy memorial

Lucy memorial run SJ lineup

We set off again and carried on around the little pond. It was a mix of terrains, mainly traditional heathland but with some sandy tracks which were hard work and some hills, which were even harder work! However the countryside made up for it with views across the ponds and heath.

Lucy memorial run SJ view

Lucy memorial puddle

We ran for eight miles around both ponds, getting drenched in a deluge of rain at around mile six and with only a couple of stops to check the map.

Lucy memorial run SJ mapreading

Once back at the car we collected our kit and found the cafe for hot drinks and a change of clothes. We all agreed that the weather couldn’t spoil such a lovely run and it was definitely somewhere to re-visit again in the future.

Lucy memorial run SJ shelter



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