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Wellesley Rushmoor 10k – SJ Members Results and Highlights

Wellesley 10k 2018 results

John King

‘I found the Rushmoor Wellesley 10K run, very well organised and great practice for the cross country season.  The weather was, shall we say, wet!  Had to concentrate along the canal towpath and through the woods due to the slippery conditions but no real climbs of any note.  All in all a testing course, quite picturesque in places and well marshaled with kilometre markings.  Nice medal and T-shirt.’


Simon Whillis

‘Awoken by torrential rain at 6:00. My first 10k since 2006 – was it a wise idea? In the end, most definitely. The rain stopped in time for the run. Saw quite a few people I knew beforehand. Enjoyable run in woods by canal and then along towpath. Lots of puddles which added to fun. Another cloudburst during last 2k meant finishing like a drowned rat. The water even got into the timing systems. Wanted to get in under an hour which I did comfortably. A big recommendation from me for next year.’


Gareth Hopkins

‘I was really looking forward to this years Rushmoor. It was part of my 3 x 10k’s in 3 weeks. I ran the Camberley 10k the week before and annoyingly pulled my calf (stupid recurring injure that I have), so I was worried I wasn’t going to make Rushmoor. A week of stretching and resting and it start to feel better. Also knowing that I was going to pacing it with a relatively new runner (Darren) made me more determined. Waiting in the start funnel with the rain lashing down still didn’t make me regret my choice. Especially when meeting up with all of the SJ runners. I planned to run Darren round in around between 1hr 05 – 1hr 10, thinking that if my leg didn’t hold out it should still be a manageable pace. Also knowing that Darren had only really ran a couple of Brutal runs and a couple of 5k’s with me we weren’t going to go flat out. The first 5k went really well and the amazingly happy marshal’s (despite the typhoon conditions ) really spurned us on. The jelly babies at halfway helped us get through one of the heaviest downpours I have run through. Rounding the corner for the finish with the brave souls cheering us helped us kick up the gears for a good finish. Happy to say we beat our target and came in at 1 hour 2 minutes. The free tea afterwards was very welcome! I really enjoy this 10k as it a trail run and I love the different settings that you run through, even in the pouring rain.’

Gareth rushmoor 10k


Liz Ujszaszi Evans

‘Well, the forecast for Sunday was not good, so was a bit wary for my second 10k, but actually wasn’t too bad when we arrived. Little did we know! Got our race numbers and T-shirt’s and headed off to the start. It was well organised and we headed off right on time. I enjoyed the route, lots of woodland and then the monsoon arrived! I found it tough by the end but made it with a lot of encouragement from my Husband Nigel Evans! Roll on for a dry Sunday for Fleet 10K’

Nigel & Liz Rushmoor 10k.jpg

Nigel Evans

‘Living in Farnborough this is a nice local event just 10 minutes from home which was a big plus. Parking was easy using the usual Rushmoor Park Run car park although there was a delay in leaving due to numbers. Registration was in the rugby stadium. Organisation was very good and the route was a mixture of road and off road with nice sections following the canal. Marshals were smiley and encouraging and there was 1 water stop as we approached the airport. I ran this with my wife Liz who was doing only her second 10k event. This made a nice change to the longer events I have been doing recently. The weather, well lets not go there :-)’


Chris Lambourn

‘Having been woken by the sound of heavy rain on Sunday morning, it could only mean one thing – Rushmoor 10k time. This was the third time of running the 10k and a flat well marshaled couse made it enjoyable as always. Despite my running being a bit off the pace recently I joined the start line and headed off but despite a dry start, it didn’t take long for the rain to rear its ugly head again and by the time I crossed the finish line it turned into a swimming event but one I can recommend – a cheap 10k race with a nice little medal and a nice T shirt.’


Angela Foker

‘I always love this run and this year was no exception – well organised, lovely medal and Tshirt and nice route. Weather was abysmal but it made it more like my favourite brutal runs!

Angela Rushmoor 10k

Mark Foker

‘That was my first Rushmoor 10k. I absolutely loved the route through the woods and along the canal. The marshals were great as well shouting out encouragement (even if it was in Nepalese). I didn’t even mind the pouring rain.’


Mark Neve

‘I’ll leave the weather to other observers as I’m sure it will be fully covered. I would like to say what a great event this is. It’s one of the best value 10k races around, free parking, local and easy to get to, T-Shirt & medal, free 2k with medal for family, well organised and fantastically marshaled. I was running with a friend who’s been struggling with injuries so we knew it wouldn’t be a PB. These are the races I prefer, just enjoying the company, we spent the whole time chatting and catching up. As we approached the finish, the inflatable “finish line” was losing air and it was funny to see the marshal’s desperately trying to hold it up as runners tried to get under the collapsing structure. Thankfully they removed it just before we finished.’

mark neve rushmoor 10k.jpg


Louisa Enriquez

‘Wet, wet, wet! Even with the bad weather, the course is great and the marshalls are fantastic! and off course you can never complain when you get another PB!’


Neil Praine

‘A brilliant race, I have run every once since it started and it never disappoints (even in the pouring rain). The course is scenic taking in woodland trails and canal runs and despite the torrential rain this year, a well organised race with lots of banter with other runners and the most friendly and encouraging marshals I have met in a long time. I will be back next year. My final time was originally correct but then updated to a wrong time by adding nearly 50 seconds, shock horror. I was going to complain but to be honest who cares about time when your having fun and spare a thought for the poor organisers who had a most challenging morning with tales of flooded timing boxes and the GoPro finish video camera being washed away when the finish tunnel collapsed in the rain. The frazzled (thankfully not literally) race director later suggested that my hovering by the finish line at the end of the race confused the timing mat, note to self no hovering when running races. I wasn’t going to spend 50 seconds arguing about 50 seconds that poor man had bigger problems than little old me. In conclusion a great race and now I am a veteran I can also enjoy some age category glory, unofficially came 3rd but due to rain induced chaos my official position was changed to 4th….. who cares, the race was awesome.’


Michelle Wilson

‘I love running in the rain…and wow, did it rain! This was the first time I had run this race and I was surprised at just how much was through the forest and on trails. The weather did cause a few problems for the organisers as the finish inflatable decided to deflate while runners were running under it and the chip timing equipment box flooded so we are still waiting for official times. However, the pretty course and very smiley marshals made this race a lot of fun!’


Louise Heginbotham

‘This was my third year running this 10k. I’ve always enjoyed this run but my God was it wet! The heavens opened and literally didn’t stop- made for quite a fun trail run through many massive puddles though! Looking forward to next year!’

Louise Rushmoor 10k


Mo Willcox

‘I really wasn’t prepared for the rain at the Rushmoor 10K on Sunday. It’s a great course – no cars or driveways to dodge and a windy woodland trail to follow but the weather was relentless. I had been looking forward to it as I’d been told it was a flat course – turns out I quite like running up hills as I enjoy the release of running down the other side, so I missed that element!! I would like to revisit in 2019 in hopefully better weather conditions!’

Mo Rushmoor 10k finish



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