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Cabbage Patch 10 – SJ Members results and highlights

Cabbage Patch 10 SJ results

Phil Turner

‘Cabbage Patch 10 is a race that I had done once before in 2015, it was cancelled in 2016 because of the Rugby World Cup, and I had an injury in 2017.
Following last Sundays XC I knew I wasn’t in PB shape , and the previous days 40 mile bike ride wasn’t going to help, so I elected not to try and race it, but go for a gentle start, as the race is Gun to tape, your time starts as soon as the race starts irrespective of how long you take to cross the start line, because of this many have an overwhelming desire to be towards the front.
Mile splits
1 8.23
2 7.52
3 7.55
4 8.03 (Garmin gets a little confused as you pass under Bentals )
5 7.53
6 7.55
7 9.49 (calf cramp at 61/2 miles
8 8.32
9 8.37
10 8.07
Garmin time 1:22:44
Official Time 1:23:42
A very well supported race with a pick and mix goody bag at the end, that can include a packet of Cabbage seeds if you so wish, and the only race with a long sleeve top, whats not to like.’
Richard Boese
‘I was quite worried about the Cabbage Patch 10 just before the race. I had a decent run at Clarendon marathon the week before, but still had knee trouble (patella tendonitis) that made me pull out of the Friday track session and walk part of Frimley parkrun the day before.  Sunday morning my knee felt OK, so I put a strap on it and decided to take it easy
The running gods must have been looking out for us, as the torrential rain of the morning stopped just before the start.  I lined up with Dave Bartlett about 30m from the front and watched him disappear off as soon as the hooter sounded, while I set off at a steady pace. Helen Vizard, Jon Green and Phil Turner also passed me in the first mile, but I kept Jon in sight and caught up with him just after 3 miles and we ran a steady pace together until 8 miles. Just after Richmond Bridge I got a challenge from a Runnymede runner and I picked up the pace to see who I could catch over the last mile. I finished in 1:26:28 and, even better, had no knee trouble at all.’


SJ Cabbage Patch crew.jpg


Charlie St Aubyn

‘New one for me, but highly recommended by many. 10M is my favourite distance but strangely this is my first this year. Didn’t know what to expect, but a really nice atmosphere. Went fairly well, but head not really in the right place and still felt Windsor HM in the legs. Had I known Brendan Cottrell had blown up in the last mile less than a minute ahead of me I might have taken my one and only ever chance to beat him! Definitely a course that will be quicker next time round with the benefit of familiarity. Back next year hopefully.’


Jon Green

‘The cabbage patch 10 was my first ever 10 miler, not just race, the only time I had actually run 10 miles. I probably should have run a bit further than 7 miles in training however this just never happened. However come race day I felt fairly confident and was raring to get going waiting for the start. As we set off I settled into a pace around 8:40 minute miles and wondered if I would be able to keep this up. At mile 3 I began to slow down slightly and that was when Richard Boese caught me up and we ran together until almost mile 9 when he sped for the finish. I was encouraged by another runner to ‘keep up with my mate’ but I couldn’t. We ran for the finish with me bumping into him a few times in my exhausted state but still managed a sprint to the line. Overall though having Richard there to keep up with, really helped my pace for the best part of the run and meant I was able to beat my target of 1:30 by a whole 2 minutes!’


Karen Gill

‘I loved it! It was my first time running the Cabbage Patch 10 and I would definitely do it again! I usually do the Great South with my sister and we chose this as an alternative-great decision! Very easy to get to, very low key, great organisation and very well marshalled! The heavy rain and thunderstorms even held off until we crossed the finish line! I even beat my last Great South time by 3 minutes-very happy!’


Jane Crawford

‘I’d had a great race and was pleased with my splits. I was hoping for an average pace of about 8.20 and managed 8.10 average so it safe to say the interval sessions are definitely working! Another bonus of the Cabbage Patch is the long sleeved technical T-shirt. It’s always a great top. Richard managed to walk away with a whole heap of other stuff too! Cereal bars, Cans of London Pride and tried to take a Cabbage (until he realised the cabbages were prizes!) Another great experience at the Cabbage Patch and will stick it in the diary for next year.’

Jane Cabbage patch 10 swag




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