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Handicap Results January 2019

It seems only a short time ago that Colin Carpenter was crowned Sandhurst Joggers Handicap Competition Champion 2018 but as the second Wednesday of January arrived, so did the start of the 2019 competition.

Turns out this month’s edition was special in more ways than one. Firstly it was the 300th running of the event. Stop and think about that for a minute – that’s 25 years! (of the 31 years the club has existed). Handicap Stalwart Simon Whillis will be sharing more on the history of the event in the coming weeks.

Onto this month’s action and the second reason this one was special. With 40 members running this was the best attended Handicap ever. A combination of New Year motivation, training objectives and increased club participation drew out a big crowd on a chilly Wednesday night.

There are two approaches to the Handicap Competition. Number one: The cagey/tactical approach where you run keeping a little in reserve to make it easier to improve next month. Number two: The ‘All In’ approach where you take it to the maximum each time and strive to continually improve those times. We definitely saw more examples of the second approach with many members putting it all out there and some very impressive PBs.

Charlie St Aubyn demonstrated his very strong form by knocking a huge 3 minutes 34 seconds off his handicap time to claim the trophy on the night ahead of Gerry Megham who reduced his handicap time by over a minute despite jogging in the final km. Jon Green took 3rd as he posted a PB and lowered his mark by 1 minute 9 seconds.

New member John Whitworth was fastest around the 4 mile course recording an impressive 25:06 ahead of Mark Fallowfield-Smith and Andrew Brooks.

Kudos to the other personal bests from Alan McPherson, Jim Laidlaw, Alistair Ingall-Tombs, Ian Watson and Patrick Darcy. Six first timers also completed this month and will be ones to watch when the next edition runs on Wednesday 13th February.

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