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Handicap Results – February 2019

We are into February already and while some New Year’s resolutions have faded the latest edition of the SJ Monthly Handicap still attracted a really strong turnout with 32 members lining up alongside the Morgan Rec in Crowthorne including one first timer in Gaynor Falconi.

Nearly half the runners improved thier times with six recording PBs! The winner on the night was Sarah Hyatt who reversed a disappointing run in January to knock 2 minutes 26 off her handicap time much to her own surprise. In his second run on the course new member John Whitworth improved by 1 minute 43 seconds as he posted a very impressive 23:23. It was a very tightly run affair behind as Gerry Mepham edged third place by one second over Kate Parker who herself only had a second to spare over Graham Robinson.

Graham was fastest on the night finishing in 23:01 just 22 seconds ahead of John. Third fastest was Andrew Brooks who posted 26:03.

Consitency is king in the annual competition and its Gerry Mepham who is royalty at the moment as his third place finish this month backs up his second from January. More regal running from Alan McPherson who matched 6th positions in both January and February to take second in the table, equal on points with this month’s winner Sarah.

Jon Green is only one point off the podium and at this point in the year it is way to early to predict the outcome of the annual competition.

Simon will be back and ready to time the next round on Wednesday 13th March. Don’t forget the Handicap counts towards the 2019 Club Championships so get yourself over there post a time and then go back and try to improve it. Simples.

Also, please remember this event is a Time Trial and runners’ safety is paramount. Make sure you are wearing high viz clothing and don’t take risks by jumping into the road to save a couple of seconds!

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