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Bramley 20/10 – SJ Member Highlights

Alison Jones – “Do not take part in a tough boot camp session on a Friday evening, followed by a 10k race on the Saturday and expect to run a pb 20 miler on Sunday”

Jim Laidlaw – “I actually enjoy the long run at Bramley . Lots of people had asked me before hand which marathon I’m training for , when I reply I’m not I’m just running this for fun I get a few weird looks. I felt relaxed going into this one with no really pressure on. I knew my running had improved a lot over the last 12 months and so has my mental metal . I had a target of 2.30 set this would give me a big PB and put last years collapse well and truly to bed. I ran most of the course with a Jo and Alasdair (JLPT friends) who are both mid way into their own Marathon training we agreed a steady 7.30 pace would give us a good run and then we could see how we felt  later stages . It was a lot easier running as a group . We all run similar paces and the chat was easy enough.  I saw Patrick and Paul our of the course, exchanged quick hello. The weather was pretty decent as per normal with a little breeze in parts. I finished in 2.30.06 very happy with the days work . Will be back next year to try a sub 2.30. Now I have a week to recover before another crack at Wokingham.” 

Patrick Wadsworth – “20 miles in sunshine along a well marshalled quiet countryside route. What’s not to like apart from the hills being towards the end of the 10 mile lap. My third time and definitely not my last.”

Blanche Barnes – “1st timer at this event, expecting a relaxed steady pre-marathon training run… until I found out (a few minutes before the start) about the 4 hr cut off, which meant having to produce some unplanned effort. Still enjoyed it immensely, quiet scenic country lanes, & great support. Course was challenging being mostly downhill for the 1st 5 miles, then mostly uphill for the last 5, that made it “interesting” on the 2nd lap. Great freebie zipper wristband at the end too.”

Sharon Burfield – “Bramley was a lovely race.. nice route with really pretty surroundings. Challenging to do two laps but well worth it at the end! Definitely one for next year.”

Charlie St Aubyn – “Just enjoyed it, ran comfortably and liked getting out to support all the 20 milers. It’s my favourite race.”

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