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SJ Weekly Run Down – March 25th to 31st

Club announcements

SJ Club Challenge

This year, a Sandhurst Joggers Club Challenge event is being organised by Jenny Gray. For information on what to do and how to do it, please look at the following information carefully so that you know how to collect your points. 


One point races

Every race that you do is worth 1 point.  This is any race that you have entered on your own, for example Woodland 5, Yateley road races, London marathon, parkrun etc.  Any race of any distance counts – a park run is worth the same amount as a 100 miler. One point volunteering

Any race that you volunteer at is also worth 1 point.  If you volunteer at a parkrun rather than run you have gained 1 point. If you volunteer AND run then you collect points for volunteering and for running.  

Any race that you have entered through the club is a 5 point race.  This is all the relays and cross countries and any other race that goes out via the Event team or Cross Country Secretary.  Please note that Endure will only count if you are doing this through the club rather than your own teams.  Yateley road races will not count as a club race and so will only be worth 1 point (see (1) above). 

If you volunteer at Yateley road race or our home cross country then you can award yourself 5 points.  This includes if you volunteer first and then race or race and then volunteer.  You can also claim 5 points if you lead a run (run leaders) on an evening or if you help out at events such as the canal run by manning the drinks stations.  We will publish more information about which volunteering events get you 5 points as the year progresses.  

In the first couple of days on each month you will be sent a link to a google form (see below for this month).  You will be asked to submit:

  • Your total points for the month 

It is your responsibility to complete the form as well as ensure that you are being honest in your points total.  You will NOT be asked to prove which races you did at any point and we will be taking your word as gospel! You will be given 1 week to complete the form and then results will be published via facebook and the club blog.  The results will show totals of each month as well as totals for the year to date.  The first month of the challenge will be March and this year’s challenge will run from March to February (11 months) but in future years it will be 12 months.  

The following Milestones will be recognised as you collect points: 


At the SJ Ball in March each year certificates will be given out to people for the largest award they have got.  For example, if you have collected 20 points in the year you will be awarded an ‘Iron certificate’ but if you have collected 160 points you will be awarded a ‘Gold certificate’.

Craig has very kindly created a spreadhseet to help you record your point scores.  This can be found via the following link:.  https://gallery.mailchimp.com/fbc5c2f2f1a39850c6883550d/files/a5b9201d-a463-4ffd-8961-f222d75a8186/SJ_Club_Challenge_monthly_points_tally.xlsx

Please can you submit your points totals via the google form by Sunday 7th April.  The results for March will then be published soon after this.  The link is here:  


Please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions or issues with this.  Good luck!

2018-19 Club Championship Results

Awards were handed out at the SJ ball on Friday 30th March for those who took part in the Club Championship from last year. The final standings were as follows….

Male Senior
1st Graham Robinson, 2nd Mark Fallowfield-Smith,3rd Neil Praine, 4th Jim Laidlaw, 5th Jon Green
Male VM40-49
1st Andrew Brooks,2nd Alistair Ingall-Tombs, 3rd Stephen Casey, 4th Andy Yates, 5th Wayne Boardman
Male VM50-59
1st James Ratcliffe, 2nd Gerry Mepham, 3rd Charlie St.Aubyn, 4th Patrick Wadsworth, 5th Ian Watson, 6th Paul Biggs, 7th Richard Boese
Male VM60-69
1st John Tovell
Male VM70-79
1st Sam Weller

Female Senior
1st Kate Parker
Female VW35-44
1st Lisa Hale, 2nd Sarah Hyatt, 3rd Claire Rowse, 4th Sarah Alexander, 5th Claire Hobson, 6th Sharon Burfield, 7th Jane Crawford, 8th Vicky Rice, 9th Kerstin Johnson
Female VW45-54
1st Fiona Slevin-Brown, 2nd Sacha Kendall-Woods, 3rd Andrea Vincent, 4th Helen Vizard, 5th Blanche Barnes, 6th Jane Bannister
Female VW55-64
1st Alison Jones

Onto the weekend running and starting with

Bracknell: Another week, another strong SJ turnout at Bracknell parkrun! 17 SJs took on the course, with Robert Jerrett coming in 3rd overall, and setting a course PB whilst doing so, with a superb time of 19:51, just 34 seconds off the leader! Meanwhile, Gabrielle Bassett came through as 12 female and top of the SJ females.

Frimley: 10 SJs lined up at Frimley Lodge, with another high finish achieved courtesy of Neil Praine, who came through with a great time of 18:59, bye bye 19 minutes, hello course PB! Sarah Alexander was the first female through the finishing funnel with a great time of 25:11.

Rushmoor: It was a perfect 10 turnout at Rushmoor, as Helen Vizard was the first member through the funnel with a good time of 26:10, pipping Nigel Evans by 7 seconds. Nigel was running his 150th parkrun, a superb achievement so well done to Nigel!

California: The usual mix of first timers and PBs attended California Country Park, as various members try out and get to know this up and coming course. 6 members gave it a go this week, with Stuart Mayes leading home on his first run at the event, with a great time of 23:50. Meanwhile, Samantha Wood was first female SJ through, and set her course PB whilst doing so, with a time of 38:06. Well done to the California crew!

Tourism: As always, SJs took up their starting positions at various parkruns up and down the country (and overseas) this Saturday. Starting off with Craig Bowles, who may not have been present to collect his award at the SJ Ball on Friday, but certainly was present to come through in 12th with a great time of 20:26 at Somerdale Pavilion!

Elsewhere, we had plenty of course PBs from our parkrun tourists! Sharon Fields took 30 seconds off her previous best at Wycombe Rye, John Paul Featherstone shaved 46 seconds off his previous best with a time of 24:11 at Newbury and Philip Boylan pipped his PB by a second to record a time of 23:12 at Llanelli Coast!

Meanwhile, Mark Neve ran at Higginson for the first time, Richard Boese made his first appearance at Victoria Dock, Louise Turnor debuted at Whitstable (and seemingly bought the weather with her, photo below!) and Jim Haffey gave Maidenhead a go for the first time! Finally, Stuart Overhill and Yvette Glacken ran at Rickmansworth and Luton Wardown respectively.

Sunday events…

Sally Kent took on the Wokingham 10k and posted a great time of 1:16.06

Meanwhile, Alison Jones, Sarah Jones and Kate Parker ran the Kingston Spring Race Day, more to come on that from Alison and Sarah later on in the week…


To take part in this just create a free Strava account and link it to the club in your profile.

Club Events for the week ahead…


Patrick Wadsworth will be taking the Monday Club run from Sandhurst Sports Centre leaving at 7:30 for 6 miles in an hour (distances and duration are Monday miles and minutes and bear passing resemblance to those in use at other times). Hiviz and torches welcome!

Tuesday Club Run: The biggest club run of the week will as always offer multiple groups to cater for all abilities from beginners through to faster and more experienced runners. It’s perfect for novices and those coming back from injury or a long lay-off because you can start with an easy group and work your way upwards. The start time is 6:30pm as always this week from the regular start at Sandhurst Memorial Park.

Tuesday Intervals: Later the interval sessions will meet at The Tythings in Yateley at 8pm. The session will be on Chinese Hill and will consist of 2 x 5 minutes with with 1 minute recoveries plus 7 x 2 minutes with 30 second recoveries. You can read more about the Tuesday night intervals HERE

Wednesday: The Wednesday run sets off from the Memorial Park at 7:00. Andrea Vincent, Sharon Burfield and Alison Jones will lead runners of all abilities on this flexible run!

Thursday: This week the threshold/improvers run will be on the Coat Hanger route. Meet at Sandhurst Sports Centre at 7:30pm and don’t forget lights and high vis clothing. The run is a great way to improve fitness by running as a group at a slightly harder intensity. There is a shorter route available and a sweeper so nobody gets left behind.


Saturday: Lots of members will be enjoying their weekly Parkrun fix at 9am on Saturday morning. Wherever you are parkrunning – Don’t forget your barcode! Woodley parkrun is out of action for 4-6 weeks as they resurface the path around the pond. The re-start date is still to be confirmed but won’t be until late March. And if you haven’t already done so make sure to add ‘Sandhurst Joggers’ as you club in your parkrun profile. there are detailed instructions on how to do this HERE

Sunday: Come along and give the The Sunday Lookout run a try with Dick Newman and Emy Circuit. They say its the best run of the week but might be a bit biased! It’s a flexible run leaving from The Lookout at 9 am with different groups to suit a wide range of abilities. The three ‘Cs’ of Coffee, cake and chat are enjoyed in the cafe post-run.

Well done to all SJs who were out and about last week, as marathon preparation builds up for a lot of us, let’s hope everyone continues running well and representing the club so brilliantly! See you next week!

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