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SJ Club Challenge – April Results


The club challenge results are in for April! Well done to the 23 people who participated this month.

Our top points scorers for this month are:

Alison Jones
Lisa Harrold
Dave Bartlett
Debra Harris
Monica Burbidge

Great work Ladies and Gents!! Again…it seems to be those run leaders who are collecting all the points, so if you want to boost your points total then PLEASE PLEASE volunteer to lead or sweep on an evening.
Our Top scorers for the total competition are as follows with scores ranging from 75 to 15. Great work everyone!!

Alison Jones
Lisa Harrold
Richard Boese
Simon Whillis
Dave Bartlett
Debra Harris
Monica Burbidge
Alurie Dutton
Craig Bowles


PointsMilestone Names (am sure we can come up with a better name)

Congratulations to our PAPER people – These are people who have managed to get between 10 and 24 points so far in the competition:

Lisa Harrold, Richard Boese, Susan Plumb, Blanche Barnes, Debra Harris, Monica Burbidge, Alurie Dutton, Martin Steadman, Craig Bowles

Congratulations to our IRON people, who have managed to achieve between 25 and 49 points – well done everyone! As follows:

Simon Whillis, Dave Bartlett

And finally a massive congratulations to Alison Jones who has already reached 75 points and is already reached our BRONZE milestone.  I think we need to start thinking about new milestone names just for Alison.

Please remember a few club events coming up which will all gain you points: 
Green Belt Relay (5 points)
Club Relay on 21st (5 points for participating and 5 points for helping)
Runnymeade (5 points)
Yateley 10km Volunteering ONLY (5 points)
Yateley 10km running (1 point)
Enjoy your running in May and remember to keep tally of all those points!!

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