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Weekly Run Down – 3rd – 9th June

Club Announcements

Endure 24 – Yes, it’s this weekend! How quickly has that come around?! People in teams must organise how they are setting up camp on Friday etc, to ensure everything runs smoothly. If there are any issues, or questions, please don’t hesitate to post on the Facebook page and ask for member’s advice, as there are plenty of people who can help!

Bracknell Relay – Despite the cancellation of the Running Weekend (information distributed last week), there is still time to put your name down as a runner or a marshal for this event. Please check your emails for Wayne’s most recent information on the event.

Yateley 10k – The first event was held last Wednesday (covered below), but you can still volunteer for races 2 and 3! If you still want to run, join the Yateley 10k Facebook page, as there are bound to be people giving away spaces that they can no longer fill.

Onto the weekend running and starting with parkrun…

Frimley – 9 SJs lined up at Frimley Lodge this Saturday, with Dave O’Toole leading the way, with a great time of 23:26, also bagging him 1st in age category. Janet Venables was the first female member through the finishing funnel, with a time of 28:57, as she edges towards the magical 200th parkrun, with run #197.

Bracknell – It was Bracknell that took the honours for highest member turn out this week, with 15 runners taking part. Duncan Laurie-Pile obviously had somewhere to be, as he flew around in a time of 20:24, bringing him in 5th overall! Sacha Kendall-Woods came through with a time of 26:50, which meant 3rd in age category for her with a great run.

Special mention goes to Jon Green, who set a 45 second PB in his 5th run at Bracknell, with a great time of 26:35!

Rushmoor – 6 SJs headed over to Rushmoor this Saturday, led around by the brilliant Helen Vizard, who ran a great time of 24:07, bringing her in 2nd in age category. Roy Bentley was not far behind as first male member through, with a time of 24:49.

On his way to reaching the 100 club, Andy Hazell recorded his 3rd best time overall, and a course PB in parkrun #97 with a great time of 36:25, almost 45 seconds quicker than his previous PB; well done Andy!

California Country Park – A perfect 10 members headed over to California for their parkrun, with who else but Craig Bowles coming through as first SJ, with a time of 20:57, coming through 2nd in age category. Sarah Alexander was first female member through, and 8th overall with a cracking time of 25:45, enough to get her 1st in age category!

Special mentions go to first timers at California; Joanna Fraser, John King and Beki Christian, and big congratulations to Wayne Boardman, who took 1 minute 40 seconds off his previous course PB, with a monster time of 23:56! Well done to all members at California!

Tourism – Several members represented the club out and about this weekend, with the following runs….

Alice Holt Stuart Overhill fancied gettin’ hilly wit it, running a time of 23:16 in his first run at Alice Holt.
Andover Alurie Maye Dutton headed over to Andover and came through in a time of 35:51.
Bushy Park Lisa Hale made her pilgrimage this week, running around the home of parkrun in a time of 21:30, coming through 3rd in age category.
Dunstable Downs Andy Summerskill ran a time of 32:17 in his 3rd run at Dunstable.
Fareham Royston Crandley put the camera down and ran a great time of 24:17 in his first run at Fareham.
Guildford – It was a PB run for Monica Burbidge at Stoke Park, coming through in a time of 34:32, taking over 2 minutes off her previous effort, well done Monica!
Hanworth Gareth Hopkins headed over to Hanworth, and ran a time of 26:57 in what was only the 6th run at the venue.
Hogmoor Inclosure Nick Metcalfe and Jim Haffey ran their first runs at Hogmoor, recording times of 24:366 and 26:47, respectively.
Huddinge – Sandhurst Joggers went to Sweden this week, with Fredric Frennessen recording a time of 32:52 in his 2nd run at Huddinge.
Mole Valley – There was an unexpected SJ meet up at Mole Valley this Saturday, as Richard Boese and Kate Parker recorded times of 28:46 and 29:06, respectively, in their first runs at the venue.
Reading Sam Goodall bagged a great time of 32:21 in her first run at Reading.
Tooting Common Beanie Watson set a time of 27:06 in her 4th run at Tooting.

As always, some brilliant runs by SJ members; well done everybody!

Midweek Events

Yateley 10k Road Races – Last Wednesday saw the first installment of the Yateley 10k Road Races, a popular event amongst members. A sold out event, 17 members took part, finishing in the following times:

Robert Jerrett – 38:46
Neil Praine – 38:57
Mark Fallowfield-Smith – 39:24
Stephen Mott – 39:25
Phil Beard – 39:33
Jim Laidlaw – 40:04
Paul Biggs – 44:03
Mark Norman – 45:54
Patrick Wadsworth – 46:02
Sarah Hyatt – 46:36
Caroline Stuart – 47:07
Stuart Mayes – 47:30
Charley Bryant – 48:50
Chris Greatorex – 48:56
Jon Green – 49:17
Chris Cole – 49:27
Richard Boese – 49:42
Rebecca Perrin – 50:04
Martin Gould – 50:18
Lina Johnson – 51:38
John Featherstone – 51:24
Craig Waters – 51:39
Gaynor Falconi – 51:45
Vicky Rice – 51:49
Lucy Dean – 52:38
Jacqueline Kent – 53:07
Mo Willcox – 53:13
Craig Bowles – 53:36
Dave Metcalfe – 53:56
Fern Stonestreet – 54:19
Roy Bentley – 55:17
Sarina Pietrosanti – 56:40
Lucy Hale – 57:31
Colin Carpenter – 59:48
Louisa Enriquez – 1:00:30
Georgina Hogben-Stephenson – 1:01:02
Matt Johnson – 1:01:50
Bev Matthews – 1:01:45
Hannah Whitman – 1:02:14
Liz Evans – 1:05:01
Harvey Young – 1:06:00
Tina Acock – 1:07:04
Mark Neve – 1:07:34
Martin Smith – 1:08:03
Angela Foker – 1:08:10
Helen Clayton – 1:08:11
Michele Reardon – 1:11:21
Monica Burbidge – 1:11:28
Amy Pluck – 1:11:49

Well done to everyone who ran, see you all at the next Yateley event!

Other Saturday Events…

Dorney Lake Half Marathon – Colin Carpenter took part in the Dorney Lake half marathon, and as I’m sure you saw, was very helpful and supportive of a fellow runner. Off the back of this, the club received the following message. As you can see, Colin also won the V65 age category, so well done to Colin! What a fantastic run.

Sunday events…

Hampshire Hoppit MarathonAlistair Ingall-Tombs and Martin Gould ran the Hampshire Hoppit marathon, in times of 4:23:17 and 6:05:55, respectively. Meanwhile, running the half marathon distance, Phil Beard and John Bartlett completed the half marathon in times of 1:34:00 and 1:57:27, respectively. The course is an off-road trail race in the North Hampshire Downs, offering both half- and full-marathon distances. Well done to those members who ran!

Comrades MarathonAndy Yates completed the marathon to end all marathons. First of all, it’s not a marathon. Taking place in South Africa, it’s a ‘gun to gun’ event, starting in Durban at 05:30, and finishing in Pietermaritzburg at 17:30. Andy’s final stats were an incredible 54.96 miles in 10:02:15, maintaining a stunning pace of 10:57/mile. What an effort, well done Andy!

Weald Challenge Ultra Marathon – A 51k event starting and finishing in Chiddingly, the trail marathon takes in the Sussex countryside, and offers both half marathon and ultra marathon distances. Fern Stonestreet and Ian Bromley ran the event, clocking times of 6:59:39 and 7:01:52. An incredible achievement, well done to both runners!


Some great totals on Strava over the last week, thanks to the various weekend events. Nigel Evans took the top spot with a mega total of 53.2 miles, thanks to his double-marathon weekend! To take part in this just create a free Strava account and link it to the club in your profile. Here’s the top 10 from last week:

Club Events for the week ahead…

Monday: Patrick Wadsworth will be taking the Monday night chatfest from Sandhurst Sports Centre at 7:30pm. The route will cover approx. 6 miles, and now that the days are getting shorter, it’s advised that you bring high vis clothing and a headtorch. This is one of the most sociable runs of the week and a great opportunity to catch up with friends or discuss the preceding weekend.

Tuesday Club Run: The biggest club run of the week sets off from Morgan Recreation Ground in Crowthorne this Tuesday. Please arrive for 6:25 to be there for club announcements etc. There are different paced groups, from run-walk to 9 minute-mile, and everyone starts and finishes at the same point, in an hour, so there really is something for everybody!

Tuesday Intervals: Later the interval sessions will take place. The meeting point is at The Tythings in Yateley at 8pm. It’s hard work, but you’ll feel amazing afterwards! You can read more about the Tuesday night intervals HERE

Wednesday:  It’s the second Wednesday of the month so time for the Handicap. This four mile run over a two lap course around Crowthorne is ideal for all abilities and starts from the Morgan Rec in Crowthorne at 7:30pm. Don’t forget the post run curry at The Raj in Sandhurst

Thursday: A run with Erol will contain hills, laughs, and a couple of wrong turns (normally), but you can guarantee you’ll end up at the car park eventually, and with a smile at the end of it all! Meet at Sandhurst Sports Centre at 7:30pm. Again, now that the days are getting shorter, lights and high vis clothing will be required. The run is a great way to improve fitness by running as a group at a slightly harder intensity. There is a shorter route available and a sweeper so nobody gets left behind.

Friday: Track is still free and the coaches have some great sessions planned for all abilities to improve fitness and technique. This is a great way to improve your running form and fitness, get faster and help prevent injury. If you’ve never ran on a track before give it a try, it’s a lot of fun and you are never more than 200m away from the start.

Saturday: Lots of members will be enjoying their weekly Parkrun fix at 9am on Saturday morning, if you’re thinking of going somewhere new then post on the Facebook page as there may be other members planning on running at the same place as you! Wherever you are parkrunning – Don’t forget your barcode!

Sunday: Come along and give the The Sunday Lookout run a try. They say its the best run of the week but might be a bit biased. It’s a flexible run leaving from The Lookout at 9am with different groups to suit a wide range of abilities. The three ‘Cs’ of Coffee, cake and chat are enjoyed in the cafe post-run.

Apologies that this weeks edition was slightly later than normal; I dared to go away for the weekend!! Hopefully you enjoyed it nonetheless, there was some staggering running done this week by several members. What a club we are. Have a safe week of running, and see you next week!

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