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SJ Handicap – June Results

As most of you will recall, the weather last Wednesday, like most evenings last week, was soaking wet and heavy rain throughout. So, what better to do than go out and run 4 miles?! Of course, it was the June running of the SJ Handicap, and this month 27 hardened, elite, and by the end sopping members turned out to run the 4 mile course.

There were almost as many PBs as there were puddles (that’s a lie), with Rebecca Perrin, Dave Metcalfe, Roy Bentley, Ellie Watson, Colin Carpenter, Craig Waters and Graham Kelly notching great times. Meanwhile, Martin Powell and Gerry Mepham ran seasons best times, and Nick Metcalfe gave it a go for the first time. Results were as follows….

What does this mean for the current overall standings? Well…

A special thanks must go to Simon and Anne Whillis for organising the handicap run, come rain or shine, they’re there (in a raincoat and/or under an umbrella).

For those of you who haven’t run the handicap, I only have on piece of advice. Run the handicap! It really is simple, second Wednesday of every month, meet at Morgan Rec, for a start of time of 7:30pm. It is a two lap route, 4 miles in total, and you’re only racing against yourself. It is about your own personal improvement, not about racing others (although you can do that too, of course). Well done to all those who ran this month, and let’s hope July brings some drier weather!

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