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Weekly Run Down – 10th – 16th June

Club announcements

Sandhurst Joggers Parkrun Explorers Collective visits Crane Park – The next installment of the Sandhurst Joggers Parkrun Explorers Collective (or the SJPEC) will be on Saturday 29th June, with a visit to the regular parkrun of SJ member John Tovell – Crane Park near Twickenham. It’s a flat and fast course on mixed surfaces in a very tranquil setting.

It’s approx. 35 minutes drive from Sandhurst and the start and finish are in different locations so John has recommended parking near the Finish in Ellerman Avenue or one of the other nearby roads.

All are welcome and hopefully see lots of SJs there in club kit. Don’t Forget Your Barcode. There isn’t a cafe at the park so post-run refreshments will be arranged nearer the time, or maybe John will invite us round for breakfast….

Onto the weekend running and starting with

Frimley – 10 members headed to Frimley Lodge for the 487th event. First through the finishing funnel was Jon Payne, with a time of 20:51. Not far behind was the first female SJ, Rebecca Perrin, coming through in a PB time of 22:45. Special mentions also go to Luke Junior and Andy Hazell, both recording PBs with times of 22:36 and 36:39, respectively.

Bracknell – It was a big day for the club at Bracknell this Saturday, as the most recent wave of Pure Beginners completed their first 5k parkrun, rounding off the end of the course! A total of 34 members ran, with Martin Steadman flying round to come through as first member with a great time of 22:53. Joanna Fraser was the first female member through, with a time of 31:28.

Tom Stafford and Lisa Harold achieved PBs with times of 31:49 and 41:59. And the first timers were as follows: Julia Cherry, Jackie Roberts, Naomi Dutton, Jacqueline Hatton, Gemma Tierney, Bryony Hembrow, Scarlett Palmer, Michelle Reardon, Cindy Hopkins and Joanna Fraser.

Rushmoor – 5 members ran at Rushmoor this weekend, for one of the flatter courses on the scene. Martin Gould was first SJ member through the finishing funnel, with a time of 25:06. Meanwhile, Lucy Dean was first SJ female through, not far behind Martin was a great time of 25:28! Special congratulations go to Sarah Davies, for running her first parkrun at Rushmoor.

California Country Park – Event #17 and 9 SJs lined up ready for their parkrun. Craig Bowles flew round, as per, coming through in a time of 21:04. Alison Winders was first female through in a time of 27:34. There were 3 PBs at California this Saturday! Alison Winders, Ellie Watson and Jenny Cave must’ve shared the Weetabix, coming through in times of 27:34, 28:50 and 35:52, respectively. Well done to all members who ran at California!

Tourism – There were plenty of big events on this weekend (Endure etc), but there was still some good tourism on display from various club members! People were out in force, as follows…..

Alice Holt Clive Rolfe fancied the ups and downs of Alice Holt, and posted a great time of 21:34.
Bushy Park – The pilgrimage was made by Theresa Milroy and Colin Carpenter this week, both for their first runs at the venue, and coming through in fantastic times of 27:00 (pacer potential…?) and 28:35 respectively.
Guernsey – The role of ‘overseas SJ parkrunner’ went to Jackie Kent this weekend, who ran at Guernsey for the second time, finishing in 26:28, 1st in age category! A great run from Jackie, now, who’s going overseas next Saturday….?
Hogmoor Inclosure Stuart Mayes must have enjoyed reading last week’s Parkrun Profiles so much (no apologies for the shameless plug), that he decided to give Hogmoor a go for himself, completing the course in 23:36 on his first run at the venue.
Houghton Hall Andy Summerskill ran his 34th run at Houghton, finishing in 29:21.
Luton Wardown Yvette Glacken ran Luton in 38:16.
Newbury – There was some pre-Endure tourism on display at Newbury this weekend, with members clearly not content with the 24 hours of running that lay ahead of them, and still needing to get their parkrun fix. Patrick Wadsworth, George Green, Nick Metcalfe, Jon Green and Kate Parker all ran at the venue for the first time, while John Paul Featherstone was back in the familiar for his 21st run at Newbury.
Osterley Roy Bentley ran at Osterley for the first time, getting around in 27:31. Well done Roy!
Stewart Park, Middlesbrough John King went right up north like, running Stewart in 25:07 on his third run at’ venue (please read in northern accent).
Worcester Neil Praine ran a superb 19:15 at Worcester, tying with his course PB from 2017. Neil came through 10th overall, 9th male, and 3rd in age category. Well done Neil!

Midweek Events

Gosport 5k – On one of the only nights last week that was dry, Jim Laidlaw made the most of it and ran a 5k PB time at the Gosport 5k, coming through in 18:56, his first sub-19 5k. Fantastic effort, well done Jim!

Dinton Summer Series Race 2 – It was the second installment of the Dinton Pastures Summer Series; a series of four 5 or 10k races through Dinton Pastures Country Park. In the 5k run, Sarah Jones did a great time of 39:41. Meanwhile, in the 10k, Mark Norman ran a great time of 46:39 to come in 42nd, Chris Lambourne wasn’t far behind in a time of 48:07, Alison Jones came through in 54:25, and Sally Kent finished in a time of 1:16:41. Well done to those members!

Saturday Events…

Brutal Pyestock – The three mud-keteers, Bev Matthews, Sam Goodall and Lou Turnor headed over to Pyestock for one of the dirtier runs you’ll come across, in the latest Brutal run. Like true muddies, they ran together, all completing the course in 1:04:52. Well done ladies!

Sunday events…

Gosport Golden Mile & 5k – We should do a series called ‘Jim Goes to Gosport’, as he was back again on Sunday to run the ‘Golden Mile’ and another 5k event. Coming 12th in the mile with a time of 5:57, and finishing 6th in the 5k with a time of 20:32 rounded off a pretty good week of running from Mr Laidlaw. Now someone get that man back up the A3!

Shepton Mallet Prison Marathon – Yes, you read that right, prison marathon. Now, the first (and only) thing that comes into my head when you say the words ‘Prison’ and ‘Marathon’, is a binge-session watching Prison Break seasons 1-3 (gave up on 4, controversial I know) over the course of a weekend, for about 78 hours from the comfort of my own sofa/bed. The first thing that comes to Jonathan Taylor’s head when you say those words, is 78 laps around Shepton Mallet prison for one of the more unique events you’ll find!

Probably the only marathon (someone will correct me here, I’m sure) around that involves going up and down actual flights of stairs, Jonathan completed the course to make it marathon number 94 in the books, fantastic effort!

I’m sure there were plenty of people under a-vest…..sorry.

I don’t think there were any more events on this weekend, were there…?

Oops, no, I’m wrong! Apparently, and I didn’t know anything about this until I was just told, there was something called Endure24 this weekend? A 5 mile lap event in which solo or teams of 2 – 8 runners complete as many laps as they can in 24 hours? In Reading? And half the club did it (guesstimate)? Was it just me who only found about this now?

Of course I’m only joking, it was Endure24 this weekend!! This phenomenal endurance event was superbly attended by SJs, running in pairs, small teams, big teams, dressing up as Freddie Mercury, doing more drinking than running (from what some Facebook photos seemed to show…), and just generally having an amazing weekend. Of course, there will be a follow up article on this later on in the week (participants, prepare for the call to arms for the members’ recap article), but for now, here are a few photos, chosen from many!


To take part in this just create a free Strava account and link it to the club in your profile.

Club Events for the week ahead…


Patrick Wadsworth will be taking the Monday Club run from Sandhurst Sports Centre leaving at 7:30 for 6 miles in an hour (distances and duration are Monday miles and minutes and bear passing resemblance to those in use at other times). Hiviz and torches welcome!

Tuesday Club Run: The biggest club run of the week sets off from Sandhurst Memorial Park next Tuesday. Please arrive for 6:25 to be there for club announcements etc. There are different paced groups, from run-walk to 9 minute-mile, and everyone starts and finishes at the same point, in an hour, so there really is something for everybody!

Speed Work Tuesday:

Wednesday: The Wednesday run sets off from the Memorial Park at 7:00. Andrea Vincent, Sharon Burfield and Alison Jones will lead runners of all abilities on this flexible run!

Thursday: A run with Erol will contain hills, laughs, and a couple of wrong turns (normally), but you can guarantee you’ll end up at the car park eventually, and with a smile at the end of it all! Meet at Sandhurst Sports Centre at 7:30pm and lights and high vis clothing will be required. The run is a great way to improve fitness by running as a group at a slightly harder intensity.

Erol will post the route details to the club facebook page later this week.


Saturday: Lots of members will be enjoying their weekly Parkrun fix at 9am on Saturday morning, if you’re thinking of going somewhere new then post on the Facebook page as there may be other members planning on running at the same place as you! Wherever you are parkrunning – Don’t forget your barcode!

Sunday: Come along and give the The Sunday Lookout run a try with Dick Newman and Emy Circuit. They say its the best run of the week but might be a bit biased! It’s a flexible run leaving from The Lookout at 9 am with different groups to suit a wide range of abilities. The three ‘Cs’ of Coffee, cake and chat are enjoyed in the cafe post-run.

The end! Quite a week/weekend of running. The longer days mean there are more and more events for me to keep my eyes out for, so if I have missed yours then please drop me a message! Or feel free to tell me all about it via messenger and that way you really can have a go if I forget to include it!

I hope everyone has a good, safe week of running, and I apologise (half-heartedly) for the abundance of puns/cheap jokes in this weeks run down. ‘Til next week!

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