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Salomon Running Belt & Soft Flask 500 – Jane Bannister Reviews Her New Piece of Kit

Ah the cliche that running is a cheap hobby…how we wish that was true! No doubt we’ve all got numerous items of clothing, ergonomic water bottles, phone straps etc. And Jane Bannister was so impressed with her new piece of kit that she decided to do a little review…here goes!

Salomon Running Belt – Review

As the weather warms up, you are more likely to want to run with water and if you don’t like carrying a bottle what options do you have? A running vest is one and I’ve used one before with a bladder pack – but sometimes that can be overkill if you are not going on a very long run also some people find they can’t run in a vest with those because of chaffing.

There are also running belts and I have one that holds 2 ml hard water bottles. But I’ve found lately it bounces around and also is uneven once one bottle is empty.

So I saw this Salomon race belt and thought I’d try it as they said you can fit in a soft water bottle. I’d already used it a couple of times before with just my iPhone and  gels and found it really comfortable. More importantly it didn’t move around as I ran.

On Sunday I used it for the first time on a long training run so packed in the front pocket the 500ml soft bottle. I also managed to fit inside my iPhone 8 as well. In the back zip pocket I put a packet of Cliff Bloks and there was still room for keys. I’m quite sure you could easily fit in some more gels as well.  There are also two elastic strips for fitting on gels on the front.

I was really impressed as it was very comfortable/didn’t annoy me even when the soft flask was full in the front pocket and it didn’t jump up and down and I could easily get the flask in and out although I did stop to do this but I’m sure you could do it on the run. The front pocket doesn’t have a zip but is elasticated so nothing should fall out.

So if you are used to carrying a bottle with you when you run and fancy having  your hands free you may like to consider one of these!

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