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Weekly Run Down – 5th – 11th August

Club announcements

Sandhurst Joggers Great Ball

Have you got your tickets yet?

If not, then what are you waiting for? Our brilliant Social Avengers team will be sending out details for this again soon!

Club Kit – Sally Kent is taking orders for Heritage Kit, the white shirt with the red stripe and SJ logo. There is also the option to purchase hoodies, so if anyone would like to order a hoodie then please let Sally know. The zip through hoodie will be priced at £26 and the over the head hoodie will be £23. This includes all embroidery including your initials on the front. Contact Sally should you wish to discuss further!

SJ Events

Yateley 10k Road Race 3 – Whilst not strictly a Sandhurst Joggers event, this race series is heavily organised, promoted and participated in by Sandhurst Joggers members. The third and final race of this years series was on Wednesday 7th August, and as there has been in each race this summer, there was a superb SJ presence here. The results were as follows:

Graham Robinson – 35:12
Neil Praine – 38:21
Mark Fallowfield-Smith – 39:11
Chris Lambourne – 44:27
Sarah Hyatt – 45:43
Patrick Wadsworth – 45:54
Rebecca Perrin – 46:28
Caroline Stuart – 47:15
Patrick Darcy – 47:38
Nick Metcalfe – 47:40
Michelle Cronin – 48:47
Lynsey Lightfoot – 49:07
Karen Phillips – 49:38
Chris Cole – 50:12
Simon Tigg – 50:33
Charley Bryant – 50:35
Craig Bowles – 51:01
Patrick Denston – 51:24
Iain Findlay – 51:30
Lina Johnson – 51:38
Craig Waters – 52:10
Martin Gould – 52:34
Mo Willcox – 53:20
Will Lucas – 53:38
Roy Bentley – 53:58
Andrea Vincent – 54:10
Claire Rowse – 54:38
Chris Greatorex – 55:16
Jackie Kent – 55:19
Gareth Hopkins – 56:08
Louisa Enriquez – 58:29
Lauren Askew – 58:32
Colin Carpenter – 58:55
Sarina Pietrosanti – 59:07
Dave Bartlett – 59:20
Bev Matthews – 1:00:25
Amy Gates – 1:00:36
Harvey Young – 1:01:15
Nicola Brooks – 1:02:29
Lucy Hale – 1:02:38
Matt Johnson – 1:03:38
Liz Evans – 1:04:04
Michelle Wilson – 1:04:24
John Barnes – 1:05:38
Susan Plumb – 1:05:48
Jane Pond – 1:06:26
Ros Cosgreave – 1:06:30
Angela Foker – 1:09:10
Susan Dart – 1:09:07
Tina Acock – 1:10:11
Carla Wright – 1:10:42
Vicki Brown – 1:10:47
Sue Hopkinson – 1:10:47
Mark Neve – 1:12:41
Mike Tudor – 1:12:56
Sally Kent – 1:13:45
Sarah Jones – 1:22:07

Midweek Events

No official events and whilst Storm Brendan did slightly disrupt some midweek runs, a bumper attendance of 37 members attended Track Night on Friday.

Our Coaches Carl Bradshaw, James Casey and Newton Johnston catered for all abilities coming up with challenging sessions that will help us all improve.

Dinton Pastures Summer Series Race 4 – The fourth and final Dinton Pastures 5/10k race took place last Thursday, with a strong contingent of SJs taking part in the event. Results were as follows:

Sally Kent – 37:50
Louise Turnor – 39:23
Sarah Jones – 39:25

Alison Jones – 53:52
Paul Norman – 1:04:19

A special shoutout goes to Alison Jones who finished as the winner in every race in the 60+ category, set a PB on three of the runs, and finished as series winner! Fantastic effort, well done Alison!

Datchet Dashers Pairs Relay – Copycats! They’re onto something here though, charging for external entries….! All jokes aside, this pairs relay takes place in the stunning view of Windsor Castle – with each runner completing 5 x 1km laps on their way to completing the total 10km.

There were a few SJs taking part in this one, with the following listed SJ teams:

Patrick Wadsworth & Paul Biggs – 42:20
Jon & George Green – 43:37

Great running from both pairs – if there were any other SJs in the teams then please let me know and I’ll include your results too!

Onto the weekend running and starting with parkrun…

Frimley – 7 SJs braved the wind and headed to Frimley Lodge for their parkrun fix this Saturday. Mark Pattrick came through as the first SJ, with a time of 24:37. Not far behind was Fern Stonestreet, who came in with a time of 28:06.

Bracknell – 10 SJs headed over to Bracknell, and we had a winner, with Robert Jerrett coming through in first place, with a PB time of 19:46 in his 99th parkrun! Jackie Kent came through as first female and first in age category SJ in a time of 27:30!

There was a first time run at Bracknell for Anne Whillis, with Stephen Casey and Fiona Gascoigne setting PBs. Well done to everyone who ran at Bracknell!

Rushmoor – There were 4 members running at Queens Avenue, with Lyn Winter leading the group around as first member in a time of 29:07. Leon Hicks came through as first (and only) male in a time of 32:39. It was a first time run at Rushmoor for Lyn, Jane Ralls and Jane Pond.

California Country Park – 8 members headed over to California Country Park, with Chris Cole coming through as first member in a time of 24:41. Alison Winders wasn’t far behind as first female member SJ in a time of 26:12.

There were first time runs at California for Jacqueline Hatton, Bryony Hembrow, and PBs for Chris Cole, Alison Winders and Jo Fraser. Well done everyone, some great running!

Tourism – The wind didn’t stop anyone getting out and about, in fact it seemed to push more people out to try some different parkruns! Let’s see who went were….

Bedfont Lakes Stuart Mayes and Stuart Overhill ran at Bedfont, recording times of 21:26 and 22:55 respectively. It was Stuart Mayes’ first run at Bedfont, and he came second in age category as well. Well done to the Stuarts!
Brooklands Kate Parker completed her second run at Brooklands in a time of 26:38.
Cieszyn Sam Goodall was our overseas SJ parkrunner this week, running a time of 34:41 at Cieszyn parkrun in Poland.
Haverfordwest – All the fours for Richard Boese this week, running his 444th parkrun, and doing it in 26:52 at Haverfordwest.
Homewood – In his seventh parkrun, Mircea Tudor ran a time of 38:02 at Homewood.
Houghton Hall – Anyone aiming for sub-28 could have done worse than to follow Andy Summerskill on Saturday, as he ran a time of 28:00.
Jersey Farm – In their first runs at Jersey Farm, Alurie Dutton and Yvette Glacken ran times of 36:42 and 39:56, respectively.
Poole – The speedsters headed down to Poole for one of the flattest courses around. Craig Bowles ran a time of 20:06 on his first time at Poole, and Wayne Boardman ran a PB time of 22:54. Well done guys! It was also Craig’s 100th parkrun – a fantastic achievement Craig!
Portobello Monica Burbidge ran the Portobello parkrun in Edinburgh in a time of 36:04. I’m hoping there were some good jokes along the way….
Reading Jim Haffey ran at Reading, completing the course in 28:11 on his first run at the venue.
Seaton Will Lucas was in Devon again, running a time of 27:50 at Seaton.
Somerdale Pavilion Andrea Hadfield ran a time of 31:45 in her first run at Somerdale.
Upton Court Jon Green set a PB with a great time of 24:23 at Upton Court.
Woodley Simon Tigg headed to Woodley for the first time and completed the course in 30:19.
Woolacombe Dunes Liz and Nigel Evans ran their first runs at Woolacombe Dunes, in times of 34:49 and 34:51. Well done guys!
Worcester Pitchcroft Neil Praine ran a time of 23:37 on his ninth run at Worcester.

Saturday Events…

Fitstuff G3 Race #2

Following on from Fitstuff Race #1 a fortnight ago, the second in the series took place on Saturday. Once more the intrepid trio of Dave Bartlett, Patrick Wadsworth and Jane Bannister took on this challenging event.

Jane Bannister tells the tale of her 15K run:

Jane proudly showing off medal #2

This was the 2nd event in the G3 Trail Series and on offer this time is either a 10km or 15km Route.

Up early – as both myself and Patrick were on registration before the run so a 6am start to be at Newlands Corner for 6:45. It was still dark and frosty at that time In the morning.

These events all start at 08:30 so still quite chilly when we started but you soon warmed up ! After all the rain this week it was a muddy start with everybody together and then you peel off to either the 10km Or 15km Route.

The run itself is a mixture of hills, sand and muddy tracks. There are KM markers all the way along the route. I walked the steep hills although overall I found it less hilly than the 10km a fortnight ago. There are beautiful views at St Martha’s and also all around Chantry Wood – well worth the effort in climbing.

I managed to fall crossing the main road (but the marshals were lovely ) – I didn’t see the tree roots but it a great trail run and I thoroughly recommend it – can’t wait for Race 3 on 1 February!

Thank-you for sharing that Jane, it is much appreciated and I hope you are OK after your tumble. Also very glad you are looking forward to Race 3 and there are going to be some other SJs there, although for me it will be the 10K course!

If anyone else is interested then have a look here for event details: https://aat-events.com/race/g3-run/

Brutal Hawley Lake – The clue is in the title! This event is held over a 5k, 10k or half marathon distance. Expect to come back wet and caked in mud, but in high spirits nonetheless! This event was run by the following members:

Mark Foker – 56:05
Angela Foker – 56:05
Michelle Wilson – 56:15
Andy Hazell – 56:57
Louise Turnor – 56:57

Bev Matthews – 1:19:01

Half Marathon
Colin Carpenter – 2:51:12

Some fantastic running – well done guys!

Hart 4 Relay – A ‘mini Endure’ type of event, this sees teams of four run a 4km trail route for 4 hours – simple! There was a great turn out from the SJs at this years events, with the results coming as follows:

Men 1 – 4:09:34 – 5th position (by category) – 16 laps
Men 2 – 4:10:35 – 16th position – 14 laps
Men 3 – 4:12:51 – 23rd position – 13 laps
Mixed 1 – 4:16:49 – 27th position – 13 laps
Ladies – 4:19:06 – 6th position – 13 laps
Mixed 2 – 4:22:26 – 74th position – 12 laps
Mixed 3 – 4:24:25 – 120th position – 10 laps

Again, some superb running in what looks like a great event – well done to everyone who took part, some photos are below!

Sunday events…

Michelle Wilson tackled this Saturn Event half marathon – she tells us about it here!

Nigel Evans – the marathon machine does it again! Needless to say tracking this guy down is difficult and I need get some big miles in to catch up with him but catch up I will at some point! In the meantime a brief summary of Sundays event with the obligatory “bite the bling” picture…

Dorney 10k – This 5k/10k/half marathon event was held on Sunday, and follows a route around Dorney Lake. As such, it is a nice and flat course, good for a PB. Runners get a flapjack included in the goodie bag afterwards too, so I’m automatically interested….results below!

Stuart Mayes – 45:30
Samantha Wood – 1:16:25

Half Marathon
Lara Winter – 2:28:49

Burnham Beeches Half Marathon – This 10k/half marathon event took in some lovely scenery and was well attended by members. The final times were as follows:

Michelle Wilson – 1:05:46
Angela Foker – 1:09:10
Sam Goodall – 1:11:20
Louise Turnor 1:23:01

Half Marathon
Jim Haffey – 2:07:32
Jess Metcalfe – 2:08:14
Dave Metcalfe – 2:08:14


To take part in this just create a free Strava account and link it to the club in your profile.
Here’s the top 10 from last week with Jim Laidlaw getting those miles in at a pretty good pace too!

Some great totals on Strava over the last week, thanks to the various weekend events. Nigel Evans took the top spot with a mega total of 53.2 miles, thanks to his double-marathon weekend! To take part in this just create a free Strava account and link it to the club in your profile. Here’s the top 10 from last week:

Club Events for the week ahead…


Patrick Wadsworth will be taking the Monday night chatfest from Sandhurst Sports Centre. The Sports Centre carpark may be closed so park courteously nearby. 6 miles in around an hour leaving at 7:30. Faster runners will loop back for slower runners so we all get to chat and catchup on what has happened in the last week and our plans for New Year. Ideal if you have just started your spring marathon training- come and get more contradictory advice than you could possibly need.

Tuesday Club Run: This week is the Tuesday pub run! Meet at the Golden Retriever pub in Bracknell and order your food ready to eat when you get back an hour later!

Wednesday:  It’s the second Wednesday of the month so time for the Handicap. This four mile run over a two lap course around Crowthorne is ideal for all abilities and starts from the Morgan Rec in Crowthorne at 7:30pm. Don’t forget the post run curry at The Raj in Sandhurst

Thursday: A run with Erol will contain hills, laughs, and a couple of wrong turns (normally), but you can guarantee you’ll end up at the car park eventually, and with a smile at the end of it all! Meet at Sandhurst Sports Centre at 7:30pm and lights and high vis clothing will be required. The run is a great way to improve fitness by running as a group at a slightly harder intensity.

Friday: Track is still free and the coaches have some great sessions planned for all abilities to improve fitness and technique. This is a great way to improve your running form and fitness, get faster and help prevent injury. If you’ve never ran on a track before give it a try, it’s a lot of fun and you are never more than 200m away from the start.

Saturday: Lots of members will be enjoying their weekly Parkrun fix at 9am on Saturday morning, if you’re thinking of going somewhere new then post on the Facebook page as there may be other members planning on running at the same place as you! Wherever you are parkrunning – Don’t forget your barcode!

Sunday: Come along and give the The Sunday Lookout run a try with Dick Newman and Emy Circuit. They say its the best run of the week but might be a bit biased! It’s a flexible run leaving from The Lookout at 9 am with different groups to suit a wide range of abilities. The three ‘Cs’ of Coffee, cake and chat are enjoyed in the cafe post-run.

So much running this week – well done to everyone who took part. It looks as though lots of you did multiple events, you’re mad!! Stay safe, have a good week of running and see you next week!

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