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SJ Handicap – August Results

Last Wednesday saw the latest running of the SJ Handicap. The weather wasn’t on our side again, although not as bad as previous months (June springs to mind…), with light rain persisting throughout the evening.

As for the actual results…there were PBs for Ellie Watson and Roy Bentley, and SB runs by George Green, Will Lucas and Russell Conaway. There were also first handicap appearances made by Nick Light, Simon Tigg, Nerys Cooper and Kim Preston.

The overall winner on the night was Ellie Watson, who ran a great time of 35:39, an improvement of 1:07, fantastic running Ellie! Full results below…

And as for the overall standings after the August event…

For those of you who have not taken part in the handicap, what are you waiting for?! It’s a monthly fun, club-run event, held on every second Wednesday of the month, in which you complete 2 laps of a 2 mile course. The finishing order is not determined by who came in quickest, but how you did against your own previous efforts, so you’re only racing yourself! It is a fun event, and there’s a curry afterwards, so what more could you wish for?!

Thanks as always to Simon and Anne Whillis for organising such an enjoyable club event, and we’ll see you all in September at the next handicap, taking place on Wednesday 11th September.

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