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Why aye man! Great North Run 2019 – Harvey Young and Rebecca Perrin reflect on their half marathon runs – SJ Race Reports

One of the biggest half marathons in the country, the Great North Run took place on Sunday 8th September, and of course, there was an SJ presence pounding the streets of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Recapping their experiences are Harvey Young and Rebecca Perrin, starting with Harvey. Enjoy!

Harvey Young This was my second Great North Run, and after last year it’s a must-do-again race. This year I went into it injury free, and after getting my rhythm I found the going pretty good despite the heat, which I think caught a few out. I’d spoken to another runner on the bus there, and we’d discussed hydration etc, and she mentioned she had a beer at ten miles and sure enough at ten miles there was the call of “free beer”…I drifted over to that side of the road to have my freebie! It was a small sample not a pint!

Shortly after this i hopped up onto the pavement as i was starting to pass quite a few runners and as I passed three guys spectating, one shouted “get in there Harvey” which scared the living daylights out of me so there’s probably a heart rate spike at that point on my Strava! The crowd are amazing at giving encouragement to everyone, after the infamous slight uphill John Reid Road section, you drop down onto the coastal stretch to the finish where the crowd give you the final pick up if you need it. I crossed the line to be met by my wife Helen and then back to the MS Trust tent for a very much needed massage, it’s clearly not a local race but it’s one to do at least once, and next year is the 40th anniversary. My time was 2hrs 30 mins, 11 minutes faster than last year!”

Rebecca Perrin “After a spur of the moment decision (after a few glasses of wine), I decided to enter for a charity place for the Great North Run – my first ever half marathon! I had mixed feelings when I received the email offering me a place to run for Cancer Research UK; mainly fear and excitement. I had more or less no sleep the night before the run, I was a bag of nerves, although they soon subsided when we arrived – the atmosphere was out of this world!

The run itself was absolutely amazing, and the support from locals lining the streets literally carried you through to the end. One of my many highlights of the run has to be the “oggy, oggy, oggy”.  If you know, you know!  I was super happy to get a sub 2 hour run for my first half.  I managed to complete it in 1 hour 52 minutes!

In summary, a super organised event with an atmosphere that is literally buzzing, I highly recommend this run to anyone.  I will be signing up for next year. A huge thank you to the awesome SJ’s for making club runs so enjoyable, otherwise I wouldn’t have been running! You’re all awesome!”

Great recaps from Harvey and Rebecca, it sounds like a great event, and definitely one to put on the bucket list!

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