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SJ Handicap Run – 2020

Who makes this happen?

The Handicap Run Organiser is Simon Whillis. This is a rather exclusive club as Simon took over in 2005 from Dave Dart who set up the original competition. Simon took part in the run for about 10 years but admits that he began to find the then 5 mile course a bit too much for his creaking joints and was happy to sit and watch others take part! Lots of club members have helped with the timings over the years. An umbrella has been the most important item in 2019.

How long has it been running?

Remarkably the first event was in August 1993 and there are at least two current club members who took part, Martin Powell and Larry Sharp (who won). 18 people were there which was a very high proportion of the club at that time. Essentially there have only been 3 routes over the time. A rather dangerous route from Frogmore round The Meadows and Marshall Road lasted until December 1995 when sense prevailed. A few months later it was resurrected, starting from Broadmoor Hospital Car Park with a 2 lap course involving the notorious hill. The route was the stuff of legend so it was rather sad when building work meant we had to move to our current course in January 2014. Last December (2019) was run number 311. The record for most appearances is held by Martin Powell (154) with Dave O’Toole (142) second, and we do have 8 others who have broken the 100 mark. 

How it works

The Handicap Run is a 4 mile run and takes place on the 2nd Wednesday of every month with the aim being to better your time each month.

Each runner has to set a base “Handicap Time” and then scores points based on their finish position against their “Handicap Time”  -the higher you finish, the higher your points- and the person who betters their time by the greatest margin each month earns the monthly trophy. The good news is that even the slowest runner has a chance of winning.

The best 7 scores for each runner over the calendar year are added together to find the overall winner of the Handicap Trophy.

Who is it for?
Absolutely everyone, it is not just for the quick runners but it helps you improve yourself.

All runners are registered at the start at 19:15 and the run will start at 19:30 prompt.

We meet at Morgan Recreational Centre, Lower Broadmoor Road, Crowthorne RG45 7LA.

The 4 mile run is 2 laps of the below route.

Having given it your all, it is recommended that you refuel with a curry and a pint – The Raj Tandoori in Sandhurst being the place to be at 20:45.

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