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Handicap Curry Centurion Chat

After the masses at the handicap had heard the announcement that Graham Robinson had completed his 100th handicap event, a little while later at the Raj Tandoori over poppadoms the question was pitched to Simon Whillis “How many handicap centurions do we have?”

After Simon considered more immediate matters such as drinks, starters and mains, the answer is as follows:

Martin Powell – 155
Dave O’Toole – 142
Larry Sharp – 121
Gerry Mepham – 112
Mike Guess – 111
Dick Newman – 107
Ray Woodman – 104
Carl Bradshaw – 103
Patrick Wadsworth – 102
Sue Dart – 101
Graham Robinson – 100

Apparently there are a few who are on the finishing straight but not currently taking part.

With this being a monthly event, knocking up a century is some really serious commitment to the event and to the club. No awards for this aside from the kudos of having achieved it.

Thanks to Simon for compiling the stats and to whoever asked the question!

One comment on “Handicap Curry Centurion Chat

  1. The bribe of a curry & a beer makes the Handicap far more of an attractive proposition.


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