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Weekly Run Down – 3rd February to 9th February

Club announcements

Club Events for the week ahead…

SJ Club Handicap

Meet at Morgan Rec Crowthorne this Wednesday – be there by 19:15 to get registered and we set off at 19:30. We had 54 members in January, how many members will be turning up and benefiting from all their recent miles with an improved time?

Onto the weekend running and starting with

Frimley Lodge

Neil Praine led the 9 Sandhust Joggers home in a time of 18:59 and we had Caroline Stuart leading the ladies in a time of 26:24.

Pushing for a top 50 finish, Paul Sliwinski bagged himself a new PB of 22:54 – well done Paul!


Registering a PB for the 4th consecutive week at different events, Nik Light came in 3rd overall with new PB of 19:24.
Leading the ladies home was Jackie Kent in 27:22

A time of 29:18 smashed Douglas Milroy’s PB by over 3 minutes which followed last weeks PB.


Going sub-20 for the 1st time meant a great PB for Andrew Provost completing the Queens Avenue course in 19:55.
Helen Vizard led our SJ Ladies home in 24:45.

All the recent running by Elin Loftesnes resulted in a new PB of 25:59 too.

Wayne Boardman & Mark Pattrick managed to slip a little parkrun into a 20 mile training run too making those sub-25 times quite impressive!

California Country Park

Half a dozen members were led home by Iain Findlay 23:48 with the 1st SJ lady being Jane Pond in 30:44

Tom Stafford is now knocking on the sub 25 minute parkrun door with a great time of 25:04 especially after suffering a rather nasty fall on Tuesday!

Sandhurst Memorial

A sense of déjà vu @ Sandhurst with the 1st SJ male and female finishers being a repeat of last week.

Craig Bowles led the 19 SJ’s home in 20:15 whilst a time of 24:46 meant a 6th consecutive PB for Sarah Hyatt and the streak goes on!


Charlie St Aubyn
Ian Watson
Roy Bentley
Laura Wharton
Patrick Wadsworth
Helena Jones
Fiona Gascoigne

Whilst streaking is not an official award, an honorable mention to Fiona Marshall for maintaining her 100% attendance @ Sandhurst as her streak continues into event #9! Great effort as well tagging this onto a 9 mile run 🙂

As per usual a number of our members took part in their local parkruns or were out touring, details below:


Richmond Stuart Mayes clocked a time of 23:35 in his 1st visit here.

At other local parkruns:

Basingstoke Simon Tigg returned to the site of his 1st ever parkrun to record a PB of 27:18 in his 99th parkrun!
Bedfont Lakes – in his 48th run @ Bedfont Lakes, Stuart Overhill recorded a time of 23:04
Guildford – In her 25th parkrun Claire Gujer bagged herself another PB of 30:43 knocking over a minute off of her previous best. Brilliant improvement Claire!
Newbury John Featherstone got around this one lap course in 29:58.
Alice Holt – at another personal favourite course of mine, Clive Rolfe completed this challenging run in 20:26.
WoodleyJon Green and Hannah Whitman were the SJ representatives here finishing in 22:37 & 32:29 respectively.

Local parkruns further afield

Luton Wardown Alurie Dutton and Yvette Glacken completed Yvette’s local parkrun in 34:21 & 48:37 respectively. Good to see Yvette back out there!
Llanelli Kim Reeves clocked 26:55 here this week.
Houghton Hall – Having waited since 2018 to get a PB, a 2nd PB in consecutive weeks for Andy Summerskill coming in 26:12.

Saturday Events…

Phoenix One Run to Rule Them All, the Elven Blue Run

Described by Phoenix Events as:

Continuing our hugely popular ‘One Run to Rule Them All’ series, in 2020 we’re bringing you the next trilogy and these medals are going to be stunning additions to your collection of ‘One Run’ medals!

The first in the THREE RUNS series is the Elven Blue Run on Saturday 8th February 2020.

And yes, of course, there will be a secret 4th part to this trilogy, when we have something really quite spectacular for the medal.

To be honest, I really do need to go and experience these and feel they are a great way to up the distances.

The first episode in this series was run by Nigel Evans and here is the obligatory “Medal in the mouth” pic:

Hampshire XC League

This season’s XC Captain Jon Green was testing himself down at Popham Airfield in Match 5 of the Hampshire League in a very strong field.

Jon recorded a respectable time over the challenging 6 plus miles course, good luck mate in future events!

Meanwhile on Saturday night whilst most of us were hunkering down waiting for a bit of weather to arrive, Sarina Pietrosanti was out on the trails on what looked like an epic run!

A little flavour of the event can be found from their site here and other information about Maverick’s events from them here.

Here Sarina tells us about the event

I have always been petrified of the dark let alone running in the dark. So I challenged myself to do some night trail running and I was pleasantly surprised.

Running at night is surreal and I really found it an immersive experience.

Your mind doesn’t wonder and you just enjoy the feeling of nature and running. I would highly recommend giving it a go.

Thank-you for sharing that Sarina, those that have done Endure24 will know about the joys of night running on the trails and I whole-heartedly agree that people give it a go!

Sarina’s photo’s were taken from the http://www.maverick-race.com/ by PH balance (https://www.facebook.com/thephbalance/)

Sunday events…

Despite the best efforts of Storm Ciara and many events being called off, there were SJ’s out there doing some phenomenal stuff.

Brecon to Cardiff Ultra

Unbelievably whilst many of us were taking the option of a lie-in or maybe the treadmill, Lina Johnson was up in the beautiful Brecon Beacons to take part in the Brecon to Cardiff Ultra, described as below by the organisers:

The Brecon to Cardiff Ultra, is a 70k, one way, fully marked race that winds its way from Brecon following the River Taff.  You will start in the Brecon Beacons National Park with its dramatic mountain landscapes, past crashing waterfalls and crystal clear reservoirs.  As you head further south you will encounter a different landscape with reminders of Wales’s industrial heritage. It is a UTMB qualifying race worth 3 points. 

Lina was posting videos throughout the day and here she is after she finished

I will be asking Lina to give us a more in-depth run down on this when she has had a chance to recover.

Phoenix Running Don’t Do T-Shirts!

Well if it is a Sunday I wonder where might we find Nigel Evans??

Yep, there he is on his 2nd Marathon of the weekend!

In case anyone is wondering why I have not asked Nigel to go into more detail about these back-to-back marathon weekends there is a good reason.

Sometime soon he may be doing something a bit more challenging. Yeah??, what could be more challenging than back-to-back marathons over a weekend? We shall find out soon…..

Mark Neve also battled the elements that Storm Ciara threw at him to clock up 10 miles in tough conditions! That could not have been easy.


To take part in this just create a free Strava account and link it to the club in your profile.

Not surprisingly, the leaderboard this week is topped by two members whose exploits have already been mentioned in this Run-Down. Some good distances from a lot of members there!

Club Events for the week ahead…


Patrick Wadsworth will be taking the Monday Club run from Sandhurst Sports Centre leaving at 7:30 for 6 miles in an hour (distances and duration are Monday miles and minutes and bear passing resemblance to those in use at other times). Hiviz and torches welcome!

Tuesday Club Run: The biggest club run of the week will as always offer multiple groups to cater for all abilities from beginners through to faster and more experienced runners. It’s perfect for novices and those coming back from injury or a long lay-off because you can start with an easy group and work your way upwards. The start time is 6:30pm as always this week from the regular start at Sandhurst Memorial Park.

Tuesday Intervals: Speed work Tuesday!
Pyramid session from 1-4 minutes.
(45 seconds recovery between each interval).
Meet at The Tythings @ 7.30

Wednesday:  I am not aware of any time this has not actually taken place but it will not be happening this month.

As a club we would like to politely request that you do not turn up at 19:30 “anyway” to just do it as it would not take too many to turn up for “others” to see it as us treating covid with disregard and continuing club events.

This would potentially bring the club into disrepute and I know that none of our members would want to do this so I do feel I am “teaching my granny to suck eggs” and apologise for the preachy tone but the needs of our club outweigh our needs right now.

Thursday: A run with Erol will contain hills, laughs, and a couple of wrong turns (normally), but you can guarantee you’ll end up at the car park eventually, and with a smile at the end of it all! Meet at Sandhurst Sports Centre at 7:30pm and lights and high vis clothing will be required. The run is a great way to improve fitness by running as a group at a slightly harder intensity.

Erol will post the route details to the club facebook page later this week.


Saturday: Lots of members will be enjoying their weekly Parkrun fix at 9am on Saturday morning, if you’re thinking of going somewhere new then post on the Facebook page as there may be other members planning on running at the same place as you! Wherever you are parkrunning – Don’t forget your barcode!

Sunday: Come along and give the The Sunday Lookout run a try with Dick Newman and Emy Circuit. They say its the best run of the week but might be a bit biased! It’s a flexible run leaving from The Lookout at 9 am with different groups to suit a wide range of abilities. The three ‘Cs’ of Coffee, cake and chat are enjoyed in the cafe post-run.

Thanks for reading the Run Down, have a safe week of running and I’ll see you next week!

Please do let me know if you are doing any events, I can only report what I see on Strava and Facebook and I hope you appreciate there are those I may not see!

Ping me a message over the weekend and I will include it so others can see what we are doing and may be inspired to try a different event.

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