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Handicap Results February 2020

After last month’s record turnout of 54 members, another fantastic attendance of 48 members turned up at Morgans Rec for Run #2.

It was great to see so many of January’s 1st timers come back to check their improvement as well as another 7 first timers and some members coming back after longish breaks.

With the numbers in attendance, Simon split everyone into 2 groups with the Wednesday GMs once more supporting the first group.

Once more a huge thank-you to Simon Whillis for his ongoing organisation of this event and again a big thank-you to Anne Whillis for ably supporting Simon again!

On to the results – with 15 members hitting PBs it shows how they are improving with attending club runs and track sessions/intervals are definitely helping.

Well done to Nicola Coe who showed the greatest improvement on last month.

Nicola credited her great run to her positive thoughts about all the great things in her life and she will be sharing more about this very soon. You really deserved that trophy and I hope you had that Gin & Tonic to celebrate!

On the night, Handicap centurion Graham Robinson was the fastest SJ around the course followed by 1st timer Rob Jerrett. Big personal bests by Jon Payne and Nik Light meant 4 runners crossing the line in sub 26 minute times. There should be some pretty close finishes with these guys up at the sharp end of the run.

So with 2 runs completed, current handicap leader is Cat Wickham with an 8 point lead. Congratulations Cat!

With another 7 first timers now in the mix and as runners benefit from (hopefully) warmer and drier weather to increase their training this is going to be a very interesting competition this year!

I am looking forward to March’s run already and hope as many of you as possible can join in.

Due to the numbers now attending, next months handicap will see finish tokens being dished out to aid the results recording. Already freshly printed and laminated, thank-you Simon!

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