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Weekly Run Down – 17th to 23rd February

Club announcements

London Marathon Marshals

The draw for the names to be put forward as marshals took place on Monday night with Ian Watson having a very enjoyable time of it and club chairman Richard Boese making sure it was all above board.

I really do think Caroline Cutliffe was on to something with the suggestion of a new career for Ian with QVC 🙂

Congratulations to all those at the top of the list and I hope as many of you as possible are selected because it truly is a very enjoyable and memorable day!

Onto the weekend running and starting with

Saturday Events…

Phoenix 100 Marathon Club AGM

The organisers blurb for this is:

I’m delighted to announce that Phoenix Running will be hosting the 2020 edition of the annual 100 Marathon Club AGM Marathon and Timed Running Event on 22nd February 2020.

The 2020 100 Club Marathon AGM event will be a Marathon (Handicap Race) & a 7 hour Timed Running event welcoming all abilities of runner. We want to attract as many 100MC members as possible so we hope you’ll come and join us for the marathon.
After the event we will be hosting the 100 Marathon Clubs Annual General Meeting at a nearby venue.

Becoming a member of this club takes a massive amount of commitment and if I had a hat, I would take it off to the guys that are members of it.

Running marathon #105 was Jonathan Taylor and here is on ”the blue bridge” which if you know about it, you know.

 Alas I do not, well not yet anyway but as I have stated before I hope that people that see any events that they have not done before may feel like giving them a try.

Other Sandhurst Joggers taking part were Richard Boese and Nigel Evans.

Richard was glad to be back at the distance after a 2 month break since his last marathon with his reward being:

Nigel too was glad to be back after a massive 6 days since his last marathon; he must have been really missing them!

Frimley Lodge

Clive Rolfe led the SJs across the line in a great time of 20:14 with Stephanie Tillman our 1st lady to finish in 30:37.


In his 48th parkrun, Paul Sliwinski placed in the top 10 and he was the 1st SJ to finish in 22:40 and Helena Jones finished in 34:04 as 1st female member.


Over in Aldershot, Max Woods was the 1st SJ to finish in 21:16 with our 1st lady being Charlotte St Aubyn in a time of 28:08.

California Country Park

Just shy of his PB, Iain Findlay led the SJ’s home in 23:40 with our 1st female Jane Ralls finishing in 45:27.

Sandhurst Memorial

Still the most popular parkrun with 15 SJ’s attending, the event also managed to see 5 new PBs achieved!

Every parkrun PB this weekend happened there. Finishing 4th overall with a great PB of 20:19 was Andy Provost with our 1st lady Vinnette Taylor going sub-25 for the 1st finishing in 24:55!

Andy Provost
Vinnette Taylor
Beki Christian
Jackie Kent
Natalie Pollard

Osterley Celebrating Sarah Hyatt’s 50th parkrun, some SJs headed to Osterley where Sarah led us all home! Unfortunately Craig Bowles had to finish after a single lap as Zak was not too good but Zak certainly perked up in the cafe!

At other local parkruns:

Woodley – a sole SJ here was Hannah Whitman who completed in 30:31.
DintonRoy Bentley completed his 1st run here in 30:39.

Parkrun Tourism:

Richmond Helen Vizard recorded a good time of 24:03 in her 1st run here.
Tamar Trails – A time of 29:17 saw Alison Winders get around this beautiful course.
Eden Project Neil Praine was 7th overall finishing in a very rapid 17:57.
Harcourt Hill – over at the Oxford Brookes campus parkrun, Helen Davey finished in 28:17.
Fletcher MossPatrick Wadsworth was up in Manchester for his 1st run here finishing in 23:19

Local parkruns further afield

Seaton Will Lucas completed his home seafront course in 28:36

Sunday events…

Brighton Half

With Manchester having a reputation as being the rain capital of England and the Manchester Marathon day looming large, Jim Laidlaw got in some weather acclimatization training down in Brighton at the weekend

Despite the wet and blustery conditions, Jim kept up his recent form completing the run in a brilliant 1:32.

He certainly needed his beloved Steelers hat to help keep him warm!

Hampton Court Half

Described as:

The Quicksilver Hampton Court Half Marathon is the original race in the area. It is run over a fast, flat and visually interesting course that borders the river-side grounds of the magnificent Hampton Court Palace to the South West of London. The fast flat route is definite PB potential, while also offering great scenery. The closed road start adds to the big race feel and runner security.

Jon Taylor took part in this Half Marathon that certainly looks like an interesting option for a Winter half with some decent scenery. I have to say, the after run photo opportunity looks like one I would enjoy having 🙂

How we all feel after smashing a Half Marathon!

With just under 3,000 runners who set off in waves to make sure all runners had a clear run on the open sections, Jon completed his run in a great time of 2:05 and deserved his place on the throne!

Winter Wooly 10K

Described as:

The inaugural Winter Woolly 10k takes place will start from the fabulous grounds of Elstree School in Woolhampton, in Berkshire. This multi terrain course is a real treat – after touring the School grounds you’ll see the stunning Berkshire countryside from lanes, footpaths, trails and woodlands. We’ll throw in the occasional hill as well, before you finish back on the manicured lawns of Elstree School.

This certainly looks like quite a decent event and nice to see 3 Sandhurst Joggers gave it a try. Kerstin and Matt Johnson were obviously very keen to sign up as they got bib numbers 1 & 2 and they were joined by Beccie Wedderburn.

Beccie says she was told to smile but I am not sure I believe her, it looks like she was loving it!

The event pictures were taken by Peter Cook, there are some other pictures from the event here.

Phoenix 100 Half Marathon Club AGM

Following on from yesterday’s 100 Marathon Club event, this was:

Phoenix Running will be hosting the first ever 100 HALF Marathon Club annual running event on Sunday 23rd February 2020 and entry is open to absolutely EVERYONE.

The 100 HALF Marathon Club AGM run will be a HALF Marathon AND Timed Running event welcoming all abilities of runner. Whilst the event is centred around the discipline of half marathon distance, we want to welcome absolutely all abilities of runner, and so will be offering a 5km, 10km and 15km set of distance options where folks can come along, have a bit of a run and ‘ring out’ in a no-pressured, fun environment. Basically come along, see what it’s all about and enjoy everything about the 100 HALF Marathon Club!

Taking into consideration the weather conditions, knowing you are going to running into a hideous headwind 4 times, this must have taken great discipline to complete especially as you know you are back at the start after each lap.

Who could take on this challenge I hear you ask??

The answer of course with it being a Phoenix event, it had to be Nigel Evans and Liz Ujszaszi Evans!

Wokingham Half

We had 33 runners taking part from the club on Sunday and it was really good to see so many. I will need to split this off as it deserves it’s own write up.

Congratulations though to Rob Jerrett finishing in 1:22:06, a fantastic effort in those conditions, well done Rob!

There were many other brilliant personal achievements too..

Club Events for the week ahead…

Tuesday Club Run: The biggest club run of the week will as always offer multiple groups to cater for all abilities from beginners through to faster and more experienced runners. It’s perfect for novices and those coming back from injury or a long lay-off because you can start with an easy group and work your way upwards. The start time is 6:30pm as always this week from the regular start at Sandhurst Memorial Park.

Speed Work Tuesday:

Wednesday: The Wednesday run sets off from the Memorial Park at 7:00. Andrea Vincent, Sharon Burfield and Alison Jones will lead runners of all abilities on this flexible run!

Thursday: A run with Erol will contain hills, laughs, and a couple of wrong turns (normally), but you can guarantee you’ll end up at the car park eventually, and with a smile at the end of it all! Meet at Sandhurst Sports Centre at 7:30pm and lights and high vis clothing will be required. The run is a great way to improve fitness by running as a group at a slightly harder intensity.

Erol will post the route details to the club facebook page later this week.


Saturday: Lots of members will be enjoying their weekly Parkrun fix at 9am on Saturday morning, if you’re thinking of going somewhere new then post on the Facebook page as there may be other members planning on running at the same place as you! Wherever you are parkrunning – Don’t forget your barcode!

Sunday: Come along and give the The Sunday Lookout run a try with Dick Newman and Emy Circuit. They say its the best run of the week but might be a bit biased! It’s a flexible run leaving from The Lookout at 9 am with different groups to suit a wide range of abilities. The three ‘Cs’ of Coffee, cake and chat are enjoyed in the cafe post-run.

Thanks for reading the Run Down, have a safe week of running and I’ll see you next week!

Please do let me know if you are doing any events, I can only report what I see on Strava and Facebook and I hope you appreciate there are those I may not see!

Ping me a message over the weekend and I will include it so others can see what we are doing and may be inspired to try a different event.

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