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Lockdown Lowdown – 4th April 2020

SJ Club Committee

First up, with the AGM having taken place, it has led to a changing of the guard for Sandhurst Joggers.

A big thank-you has to go to all those who gave so freely of their own time to make things happen for our club but are now standing down from their roles.

Richard Boese – our club chairman for the past 3 years and a great supporter & volunteer for the local parkruns too. Good luck in the journey to 100 Marathons and “Yours in sport” will always be a sign off I will miss…

Nikki Fallowfield-Smith – the social events have been a blast from you and your team especially the Zombie Outbreak and thanks for offering to ease the replacements in whilst going through the joys of parenthood πŸ™‚

Wayne Boardman – although you are dropping your VC role, it is so good to hear you are carrying on running the home XC event which is recognised as such a brilliant event.

Dave Breslin – the summer events have traditionally been highlights of the SJ calendar and you have been pivotal in making these happen. For all those that took part in them, thanks!

Jon Green – you picking up the mantle of XC Captain was appreciated and your work was impressive given how many top-end runners you were robbed off for various reasons…

Erol Ali – hope your injury woes come to an end and your presence at the tempo runs will add to the quality of them!

Lara Winter – in your role as club secretary thank you for getting the places at various events for us to take a punt on at club ballots to get into as well as the admin side of the role.

Nick Metcalfe – Craig Bowles passed the baton on to you and despite an increasing pressure on your time you added your own take to this role too!

I will be getting some more info for our new committee members over the coming weeks and what they hope to grow their roles into.

With the current climate I hope many of you are taking to the trails to practice for next seasons cross-country!

Club Membership

As much of the membership work regarding joining and renewals is automated there is a little confusion out there regarding this as some were able to renew and some were not.

On Monday 6th April our new Club Committee will convene for the first time (via Zoom to adhere to social distancing) and a formal statement will be made about this years membership. You will all get an email when that is done and in the meantime do not worry, you are all still members!

Club Events for the week ahead…

Whilst we are all adhering to our responsibilities to social distancing and social gatherings, our SJ GMs are still providing some framework around the runs we so love and enjoy but now need to go solo on.

Keep an eye on the club Facebook page each week to see Katie Herrington’s tempo challenges and each Friday there is a track challenge suitable for all of our coaches groups.


The committee did send an email out last week asking all of our members to adhere to all the Government mandated requests regarding staying at home and going out to exercise.

That request is repeated here and please all do adhere to this especially with rocking up at 09:00 on Saturday at what may have been your Parkrun as this can have a detrimental impact on the event and also has negative publicity for our club.

We hope you are all well in these challenging times.  

As a committee we wanted to remind you of the Government regulations regarding exercise and provide some clarification where possible:  

–  Only exercise once a day
–  Exercise locally to your home.  
–  Only make essential travel (local police forces have stated that you should not drive to exercise)
–  Only exercise on your own or with members of your own family
– If you do pass or meet people whilst out exercising make sure you keep 2m apart from each other.  

As a club we have taken our responsibility to safeguard the health of the nation very seriously by cancelling all club runs and Yateley 10km Race 1.   We hope that as individuals you will continue to follow this through into your own lives.  
We thank you in advance to adhering to these rules and ensuring that, as a club, we are doing our bit to help the NHS and save lives.  

Kind regards,

The Sandhurst Joggers Committee

Onto the weekend running and starting with


This does appear to have been the play on our weekly Saturday fix at 09:00 and fits the bill of making sure we keep apart during our runs!

A’part’run Challenges

A’part’run Alphabet

So far I have spotted the following on Strava/Facebook so lets complete the challenge.

A: Ambarrow Court
B: Blackbushe old runways
F: Frogmore
M: Mickle Hill
O: Orseshoe Lake
Y: Yateley Common

As can be seen by Fiona Marshall’s entry for “O”, we are going to be expecting you to be a bit imaginative about this. To be honest that was more of a London pronunciation but hey-ho πŸ™‚

It would appear there are some who are compiling lists and let’s see who can come up with the whole lot??

As amusing as it is to see the naming of the a’part’runs including some diabolical liberties there may well be a new category of biggest p***take for a letter πŸ™‚

If we have anyone amongst us with some decent photoshop skills we may ask for some help with “badges” and certificates to recognise contributions to the cause.

What other challenges can we come up with???


#1: Who owns the garden below?

#2 – Can we as members run the length of the UK??

A suggestion has come in to get some challenges that we as a club can make happen during this difficult period and one is for us to run the combined distance of an end-to-end UK run.

This sounds like a great Easter Weekend challenge and expect to see more later in the week. Obviously this is just a normal weekend for Leon Hicks πŸ™‚

#3 – What else can we come up with?

An open question to our club – what other challenges can we a club give to us as individuals AND members to provide some sense of purpose and belonging?

Club announcements

April Club Handicap

Alas with the current constraints on social gatherings this will not be going ahead and please SJs, do not turn up at 19:30 @ Morgans Rec to take place.

If you are within walking/running distance then by all means at DIFFERENT times feel free to go there and run the handicap route to see how you are progressing.

We will be back together soon Joggers.

Thanks for reading the LowDown, have a safe week of running apart and I’ll see you next week albeit from a distance!

Remember it is also OK to not be OK – make sure you look after yourselves and if you have recommendations and suggestions to help us through all of this difficult time, use all our channels to do it.

I am sure there are many (and I am one) who will appreciate all the help and support of those who can give it.

Let’s keep connected through our social media channels or just direct messaging each other to “agree to do something with someone and then go and do it”. That is some great advice I got that works for Fiona Marshall & Sarah Hyatt and if we can share things between us to get us through this then lets share the hell out of it πŸ˜€

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