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A’part’run Alphabet Challenge – Easter Weekend


to all you SJ’s for adhering to the official parkrun request that until Covid is under control we avoid going to parkrun locations at 09:00 on a Saturday morning.

As a club this seems to be a point that does not need to be made but just a reminder please to make sure our passion and our club are respected during these difficult times.

I’ll be there for you!

Actually that is just a pathetic headline (poorman’s clickbait) for the weekends additional parkrun challenge.

If you were a fan of that sitcom Friends then you may well sigh and think life could get no worse Jim than it is so why make it worse? Sorry but **IT happens so I hope you can get into the spirit and make it happen 🙂

I was discussing walking routes with my daughter Becky and it kept coming back to “The one with…” or “The one where…” which is apparently how Friends episodes were titled (apologies I did not watch it).

So along with the new unofficial alphabetic series for our parkrun’s, can we please have a FRIENDS suffix of “The one with…” etc. for the following with an example in bold below:

A: Ambarrow Court
B: Blackbushe old runways
C: Crowvid-19
D: Derby Green (rename from Blackwater)
F: Frogmore
M: Mickle Hill
O: Orseshoe Lake – The one where Fiona dropped her ‘H’
Y: Yateley Common

So as well as looking forward to additions to this list, be aware it needs to meet the criteria of having a Friends suffix 😀

It may well get worse if the lockdown gets tighter (Mr Evans, “N” is still free for your residence and locally famous marathon location).

Club Events for the week ahead…

Just to make sure you are all aware, all official Sandhurst Jogger club events are currently postponed until England Athletics formally amend their stance on the matter.

In the interim though our GMs are still giving us some structure to give us some purpose to our weeks.

Speed Work Tuesday:

From Katie Herrington:

Speed work Tuesday (7th April)! It’s the hills session with a twist. Find the hilliest 4 mile loop that you can (given the restrictions) and work the hills. If the gap between hills is more than 5 minutes then add some pick ups.

Be creative with it – and post your route on our facebook page💪. The hilliest route wins!

Wednesday:  I am not aware of any time this has not actually taken place but it will not be happening this month.

As a club we would like to politely request that you do not turn up at 19:30 “anyway” to just do it as it would not take too many to turn up for “others” to see it as us treating covid with disregard and continuing club events.

This would potentially bring the club into disrepute and I know that none of our members would want to do this so I do feel I am “teaching my granny to suck eggs” and apologise for the preachy tone but the needs of our club outweigh our needs right now.


Once more keep an eye on the Facebook page for one of our coaches to post this weeks variety of sessions.

Thank you to Jim Casey, Carl Bradshaw and Newton Johnstone for keeping us motivated during this period and I am sure you are looking forward to seeing us back in person to see how much hurt we will go through to achieve our goals!

Maybe we need to upload a post-session picture to show how deep we have gone 🙂

Thanks for reading and especially now, have a safe week of running and I’ll see you soon!

Please let’s all act as the best ambassadors of running there is and with the exponential increase in walkers that there seems to have been let’s be the best we can be!

There are a lot of scared people out there.

We are more used to being out and about and making sure we keep our own safety in mind we are probably better placed to act and react than these people who have only just found paths and trails so lets do our bit. If safe to do so move a safe distance away, wait at path junctions and connect emotionally even if socially distant.

Only concern yourself about what you can control !

Actually, I may make a request to our broader membership for some tips on how to cope as I am just some IT chap 🙂 Any takers please PM me…..

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