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Lockdown Lowdown – 11th April 2020

I hope you have all been enjoying the good weather and once more a massive thank-you to our club members for adhering to the Government requests regarding exercising.

For a club with such a big social side to it, the current restrictions must feel difficult for some but if it means we come out of this sooner and healthier having not over-burdened our primary health carers in the NHS then it is a very small sacrifice compared to theirs.

Patrick Denston did post on Facebook about a run he had using headphones and on a whatsapp group which looks great for those missing the social side. Have a look and see if it is something to look into as some of you may find it just what you need as I do keep reading about people missing the social side.

We also have a Zoom meeting for the apres Sunday coffee, cake and chat that make up the reason that that we normally run at Swinley and Ian Watson has posted details of this to our Facebook page.

Take a 90 minute run (or not) around Swinley Forest to join. You will also be glad to know the club also now has proper subscription to Zoom so you will not spend 38 of your allotted 40 minutes sorting out your individual audio/visual issues 😀 Also even if you have not ran but just fancy a chat then just join. Bliss!

A’part’run Alphabet challenge

Having seen some members start off their own a’part’runs the challenge was put out to log your a’part’runs, then add an alphabet challenge and as an added challenge give it a Friends theme! Well some of us have time on our hands so why not?

As an overview this is what we have so far:

A: Ambarrow Court
B: Blackbushe old runways
Blackbushe Yateley Common
C: Crowvid-19
D: Darby Green
F: Frogmore
H: Hawley Lake
Hawley Meadow
L: Lower Broadmoor Road – The one where you may recognise the road from Handicap
M: Mickle Hill
N: Nine Mile Triangle – The one that isn’t nine miles but is a triangle
O: Orseshoe Lake – The one where Fiona dropped her ‘H’
R: Rosemary __ – The one with Rosemary Lane and Rosemary Gardens
S: Snaprails – The one where it starts and finishes nowhere near it’s name
W: Wick Hill
Waitrose Hill – The one where you almost die at the end of the Yateley 10K
X: X marks the spot – The one where they used to land
Y: Yateley Common – The one where there are adders
Z: Zayed Lines – The one with the downhill finish!

Just so we remember what we look like, here are a few of the pics posted:

Imaginative naming Sarah!

We love that hill so much Michelle!
Seems like you will have all future PB rights 🙂

Going forward, these runs must:

Start at 09:00 on Saturday
Be a 5K run (or part of a mashup)
Have strava/other evidence

Thanks for joining in with a bit of fun especially for those of us that are missing the weekly parkrun!

Virtual Easter 10 challenge

Recognising the Maidenhead Easter 10 was an event many club members would miss, Jenny Robinson came up with a great idea to set up the virtual challenge for the weekend. It is so simple to take part, run the distance then upload via the following:


Please, please all follow Jenny’s brilliant advice:

  • Finish line pictures are encouraged. Please post to Facebook.
  • Pacers in the form of children or partners on bikes or running are allowed.

An example of a good finish line photo from Claire Hobson:

Out of interest, it will also be good to hear from our members how they found the car-parking and baggage holding facilities for the 2020 event? There have been “issues” in the past so it would be good to see if they have been resolved by not needing to go to Maidenhead?

Thanks for reading the Lockdown Lowdown and there will be another post early next week regarding our new committee and some upcoming events 🙂

Let’s make sure we do our bit to support the NHS especially when those of our members who have trained to be physio’s and put themselves on the frontline…

Be good to see you back taking the 10/11 min mile groups again Jess Metcalfe!

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