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Our new 2020/21 committee – part 1

First up, Lisa..

As mentioned recently and from emails you should have received, a new committee for 2020/21 was approved at the recent AGM.

After Richard Boese and Wayne Boardman stepped down as Chairman and Vice-chair, here are their replacements to tell us about themselves!

CHAIR – Lisa Harrold

I started running for the first time in January 2011.  Two of my three sons suffered from Ulcerative Colitis and I wanted to support the charity Crohns and Colitis by running Fleet Half Marathon in March 2011. I would never recommend that to anyone now, not to complete a half in 2 months from scratch, but I finished it. Unfortunately, I hadn’t come across Sandhurst Joggers until after Fleet HM so knowing what I do now, I would never have run it in such a short period of time.

Sandhurst Joggers has enabled me to complete 10ks, 10 miles, half marathons and my biggest achievement of all the London Marathon, and whilst I am not a natural runner, I am still here in 2020, running.  I have also made a lot of friends through the club too.

Pure Beginners was formed 5 years ago by Madeleine Duncan-Booth and myself, whilst we were on a Leadership in Running course and it has given me the greatest pleasure (as well as Caroline Cutliffe and Liz Crow whom I have partnered with) to see people grow and “enjoy” (perhaps that not the right word :-D) their running journey by being able to run a 5k parkrun at the end of the 9 week course.

I have been a member of the SJ Committee for many years, by starting as a Tuesday GM, moving to Secretary then Social Secretary, co-opted role for Pure Beginners and now the position of Chair.

Because there have been so many people in Sandhurst Joggers who have helped me to achieve my goals for which I am extremely grateful, I have always wanted to give back to the club and so therefore by being part of a great committees over the years, it was the reason why I decided I would like to step up for the role of Chair.

In these such surreal times, I know it is hard for us to run alone, something I hate doing myself, so I will treasure the moment when we are all able to run together.

In the meantime, please stay safe, keep well and keep smiling!


VICE CHAIR – Dave Bartlett

Hi all, I’m Dave Bartlett and I joined Sandhurst Joggers in March 2016.

For the first year I focused on gaining some fitness following a frank discussion with my doctor in November 2015. Having started parkrun on the 2nd January I can’t say I’ll ever forget my first club run and the welcoming words of Patrick Wadsworth “well if you can run for an hour you’ll be fine with us!” Oh dear, what had I let myself in for. Having got through 2016 and seen clear benefits for my ventures I upped the ante and decided to take on half marathons through 2017. It was quite an unbelievable year, which I have to say was made so much easier by the encouragement and support of the membership.

In 2018 following a marked improvement in my running and general health I decided to take on the role of Tuesday night GM following the retirement of Mike Gascoigne, a long standing member of the club and inspiration given the commitment and masses he use to organise on Tuesdays. A night that truly does cater for runners of all abilities (as all nights do) with 5 if not 6 paced groups it was a challenge an opportunity I enjoyed. Averaging somewhere in the region of 45 runners per night throughout the year it was a pleasure to hold this position and get the support of many who stepped up and offered to lead groups from 9m/m to run/walk. Sincerest thanks to each and every one of you.

Having held the above role for 2 years, it was time to consider a new challenge. As time went on I seriously wondered if I could give more than the organisation of one night per week. Then out of nowhere I received a text that read “Hi mate, hope you’re well and keeping safe. Anything I can do or say to convince you to become VC? You’ll make a good un” Working full time and travelling regularly across the UK as an engineering training manager I gave it some serious consideration, and as you are now aware I find myself in the position of vice chairman.

I’m looking forward to supporting the new Chairman in her role and the continuation of internal running events. Be assured that once we are free of social distancing the intraclub relays will be back and I’ll be looking for ideas from the membership as to what they’d like to see on the “Not weekend away”. Although this year is going to be different to any other we’ve experienced as a club, I look forward to working with the new team and keeping the membership busy

regards Dave


Now that Nikki Fallowfield-Smith has stepped aside from 5 years sterling work within the committee in the roles of Publicity, Thurs GM and Social Secretary, she is looking forward to throwing loose the shackles of moderation and creating some anarchy whilst being a new Mum 🙂

Stepping up to create some fun for us are Alison Jones and Andrea Hadfield.

SOCIAL – Alison Jones

I have been a member of Sandhurst Joggers for quite a few years now and although I often help out on a Tuesday Club run, I also helped with the 5 – 10k improvers group a couple of years ago, this got me thinking that maybe I should continue to offer a group run for runners lacking the confidence to join some of the other groups, which I do on a Wednesday, we also join the handicap and my usual group runners are usually in the first 3, with one of them still holding the trophy, by default I should mention.

As for me, I am ancient and did not come into running until I was over 50, although mentally I was still 12, so really went for it.  My main love/hate are marathons of which I have completed 41, but can be seen attempting any old distance.  My main claim to fame is that I achieved the Abbotts Majors medal, which I have written about in detail, but now I enjoy being a member of Sandhurst Joggers and hopefully can provide some memorable social events when circumstances allow, although I will warn you Nikki Fallowfield-Smith is a hard act to follow, but me and Andrea will do our best.

SOCIAL – Andrea Hadfield


I’ve been a member of SJ for about 5 years or so, although not a regular attender at any particular runs for a while, I had started coming along on Wednesday nights at the beginning of the year.

Running events wise, I tend to like the longer distance stuff, particularly if it involves nice views and interesting bling. I decided to join the committee as the joint social officer (with Alison) as I’ve always enjoyed attending SJ social events – often more than the running ones!

When I was at uni (a while ago now!) I was the social secretary of our hiking club so I have a bit of relevant experience! Although we can’t socialise face to face at the moment, we’re going to try and think of some ways to keep you entertained, so watch this space! 

As and when I get the remainder of these from the new committee I shall update you!

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