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Lockdown Lowdown – 17th April

Social Avengers Virtual Team Challenge

I have been requested to give the Challenge a little nudge…

In order to keep the boredom at bay, the Social Avengers are putting together the ‘SJ Virtual Team Challenge’.

The idea behind this is that anyone interested in participating will be sorted into teams of 5 (or if you want to put your own team together, that’s fine too), then over the course of 4 weeks (or longer if people want to continue after that), will attempt to do as much exercise as you can – this can be: running, walking, cycling, pilates, yoga, virtual fitness classes – whatever you like, as long as you keep to the government guidelines – note that only 1 activity where you leave your house can be counted per person per day.

Please keep track of the number of ‘active minutes’ you have logged, and nominate a team captain to collate your team information for submission at the end of each week – we will send out a template to the team captains to help with this. The reason for logging ‘time’ rather than ‘distance’ is that we know that some people are struggling to get outside for runs/walks due to childcare etc. so we thought this would be a fairer way to do it but still allow as many people as possible to participate.

At the end of each week, we will publish a leader board so you can see how your team is doing. We would encourage teams to set up Whatsapp/Facebook messenger groups to motivate and keep in touch with each other.

The club have 19 complete teams plus one other person it would be great to get to 20 teams, that’s 100 participants, so if you have not joined in yet, what is stopping you??

There is also the annual SJ Pizza Party for spring marathon participants and this will take place on Monday evening on 27th April.

All members who ran a spring marathon and all members who should have run a spring marathon are invited. Since this is a virtual party you will have to provide your own pizza and drinks. Further details to follow via Facebook and email.

A’part’run – Saturday 18th April

It may be a bit wet, cold and dreary out there today but the weather is looking nicer for tomorrow!

Let’s see if we can fill in some of the gaps but add others as you please.

A: Ambarrow Court
B: Blackbushe old runways
Blackbushe Yateley Common
C: Crowvid-19
D: Darby Green
F: Frogmore
H: Hawley Lake
Hawley Meadow
L: Lower Broadmoor Road – The one where you may recognise the road from Handicap
M: Mickle Hill
N: Nine Mile Triangle – The one that isn’t nine miles but is a triangle
O: Orseshoe Lake – The one where Fiona dropped her ‘H’
R: Rosemary __ – The one with Rosemary Lane and Rosemary Gardens
S: Snaprails – The one where it starts and finishes nowhere near it’s name
W: Wick Hill – The one where the finish is nowhere near the start
Waitrose Hill – The one where you almost die at the end of the Yateley 10K
X: X marks the spot – The one where they used to land
Y: Yateley Common – The one where there are adders
Z: Zayed Lines – The one with the downhill finish!

Use your imagination to your hearts content!

Last week on Strava Jim Laidlaw claimed the top spot as the “Virtual Easter 10 challenge” helped bump up the totals .

To take part in this just create a free Strava account and link it to the club in your profile.

Here’s the top 10 from last week:-

Running in the time of Covid-19

With the SJ Virtual Team Challenge to start next week, Lisa Harrold, Alison Jones and Andrea Hadfield thought it would be a good idea to put together some hints and tips for running during this dark period of Lockdown.

Here is what Andrea has compiled for starters….

Whilst there’s been many articles about how you can run safely at the moment, there’s a few hints and tips that might seem like common sense, but have really helped me for planning my runs, so I thought I’d share them.

1: Think about where you are going to run – if possible, stick to residential roads with pavements on both sides, or extra wide paths (e.g. The Devil’s Highway!) that will make it easy to avoid people. Single tracks are fun, but can make things tricky if you meet others coming the opposite direction! If you find a good route near your home with plenty of space, then consider doing laps of that, rather than going further afield.

2: If you can, go early in the morning or later in the evening – now that summer is on its way, it’s light until 8pm, giving plenty of options. I’ve found this is particularly relevant when the weather is nice – off peak is the way forward.

3: When you’re running, it’s helpful to look ahead and be more aware of your surroundings than you would usually be, for example, if you’re coming up to a blind corner, slow down and take care. I’ve found people suddenly appearing from behind parked cars or out of their driveways, and being very surprised to see me.

4: If you’re wearing headphones (unless they are aftershokz!), then keep the volume low and be prepared to remove them, particularly if you need to run in the road to avoid people on the pavement – although there’s a lot less traffic around, cars are quite often going at higher speeds.

5: Finally, runners are getting a lot of bad press at the moment, so being extra polite and keeping your distance will help us all in the long run, however, if you don’t want to run outside, then there’s plenty of options for keeping fit at home!

A statement from England Athletics says: “We want people to keep themselves as individuals physically active and fit but with direct adherence to government guidance…the government has permitted that people are allowed to leave their homes once a day for the purpose of exercise under current guidelines and during a period where many outdoor purpose built facilities are closed to the public, lone running, walking, circuit training, HIIT routines and core strength and mobility training are some of the ways in which people can remain active during this period”

If you’ve got any other tips then please share them in the comments!

It has been really great to see the support you are all providing each other and the “SOCIAL DISTANCING MENTAL HEALTH CHECK-IN” posted by Stephen Casey was a brilliant example of this as was Mark Neve‘s question to the members about Lockdown goals.

Thanks for reading the Lockdown Lowdown!

There will be separate posts early next week with a runners report of the Virtual Easter 10, part 2 of the introduction of our new committee and some other upcoming events 🙂

One comment on “Lockdown Lowdown – 17th April

  1. Edgebarrow School
    Gorrick Plantation (A bit out of the way)
    Golden Retriever (The)
    Intervals (where ever you want)
    Park Run (on your Tod)
    Virtual Park Run


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