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Our new 2020/21 Committee – part two!


Hi, I am Julie.

I have been a member of SJ since June 2016 when I joined pure beginners with Lisa and Caroline. Having always said I could never run, I decided to challenge myself. With Lisa’s enthusiasm and Caroline’s Irish miles I completed my first 5k. From there I went on and, can still be seen at most Tuesday night club runs and most social events which are always highly entertaining even if I am made to dress up as pumpkin for Halloween!!

Honestly, joining the SJ family is one of the best things I have ever done. Not only did I find a hobby that would help me to get fit, but I joined an amazingly supportive group and have made friends for life. When the opportunity presented itself, with a very persuasive nudge from Lisa, I was only to pleased to put my name forward for the secretary’s post. I see the amazing hard work that all the committee do to make Sandhurst Joggers the inclusive, friendly club that it is.

Having been accepted to the post is a privilege. I now have an opportunity to give something back to the club, which I will endeavour to do to the best of my ability and support all the committee members and the club as a whole, within this role. There is a lot to learn, but I really welcome the challenge and hope to make it a lot easier than I seem to make running. 

Thanks to the committee for their warm welcome and patience while I get to grips with everything.

See you all soon. Take care, stay safe.


PUBLICITY – Jim Haffey

Hi there, it seems a little odd introducing myself now having been compiling and posting the Joggers Journal since Christmas Day when I took over from Nick.

I started running about 3 years ago after a couple of accidents kept me off cycling for a good while but I wanted something to keep my fitness going. Within the audax world (which was my type of cycling) I would ride events from 200km to 600km at least each month to claim what was known as a Randonneur Round the Year award. Alas I was hooked by the running with the added bonus of no punctures or catastrophic mechanical failures!

After a year of doing my own thing and entering events I joined Sandhurst Joggers but probably did not do much with the club until early last year. I took part in more club runs/events (loved Endure 24) and began a slightly more active role when Dave Bartlett, (embarrassingly for us guys), pointed out that every run leader one Tuesday evening was female! He asked some of us to step up and help and I am looking forward to be able to do so again soon when we can once again run together!

As for the blog, I really enjoy the statistics side especially being an avid parkrun advocate and getting people to regale us with their stories of events is a real satisfaction. At present it is a struggle with the blog but when we are back in full flow there will be some more meaningful content and I am going to be engaging with you wonderful lot to see what can be added.

My favourite SJ day? I appreciate and love what all the GMs do but Swinley Forest on a Sunday is tops for me but having read Katie’s profile (below) I need to get out on a Thursday…..

TUESDAY GM – Janet Venables

I volunteered to be Sandhurst Joggers Tuesday GM because I am always around on Tuesday evenings and there is always a lot of running to be done; I want to be involved in keeping it all going, especially in these unusual times. 

SJ Tuesday Club Night is described on the website; in usual times we organise 6 or more paced groups each with a Leader and Sweeper and a Looping policy. We begin the session at 6.30 with Club Introductions and Announcements and then we announce Groups and Leaders and invite runners to run in the group of their choice. 

I will (try to!) continue Dave Bartlett’s great online organisation; so, early on Tuesday mornings, through email and Facebook, I will ask for volunteers to lead a group of their choice and feedback via the ‘Tuesday Leaders’ that Dave set up on Messenger. 

Until recently I have been running regularly with SJs: on Mondays with the Monday 

Sociable Group, on Tuesdays with any paced group that will have me, and Intervals (until the start time changed 😌) also, I have run 224 ParkRuns. 

I have loved MY running and last year I decided to teach myself to run properly; I did the ‘Leadership in Running Fitness’ course and then plucked up courage to become one of Tuesday’s Run/Walk Group Leaders. I was very actively developing routes in Sandhurst and Crowthorne when…

Currently I am Solo Running every day close to my home in Camberley. As I physically and socially distance I think a lot about Sandhurst Joggers and Tuesday Club Runs. I know we will definitely return and I am very much looking forward to that day!

THURSDAY GM – Katie Herrington

Having been in the bottom group for PE with an aim of not getting beaten by the ‘fat kid’ and always ‘twisting my ankle 😉’ before cross country, I never would have guessed what I would be doing of late. I started running in my early twenties in response to finding the gym ‘less than fun’ after a long commute. I entered a half marathon, and once I got to 10K bravely enrolled into my local running club (Harlow running club)… and the rest is history. I was known for being a ‘good’ distance and off road runner, regularly running in half marathons and running competitively for the club in midweek league races and cross country races.

 Training for my first marathon, I began to love running distances and began running marathons for fun – thank you LDWA. Following the development of asthma and performance anxiety, David Ayling (who I met through running) took my hand and led me down the slippery slope of ultras…. He had already run a few at this point (Malvern Hills 60, Thames Trot) and as I trained with him anyway I decided to give it a try. Since then I have run distances of up to 105miles, and have run many beautiful long distance trails (eg. Dales Way, North Downs Way, Ridgeway).

Whilst I may not be the best at running 5k and 10k, I understand the importance of speed and tempo work in events of all distances (including you ultra runner!). But I also understand how scary such sessions may seem if you do not think ‘you are fast enough’ or ‘that type of runner’.

Since joining Sandhurst Joggers in 2015, I have been working to better mange both my asthma and performance anxiety (it’s not a helpful combo) and the love and the support of the club have been tremendous in supporting me through this. I admit this because 1) it’s nothing to be ashamed of, and 2) I cannot be the only one worried that I would be ‘too slow’ for a tempo or speed work session.

I am the run leader for both the Tuesday night (7.30pm) speed work and the Thursday night (7.30) tempo running session and aside from making sure these important sessions still deliver 😎👌, I want to break down the notion that these sessions are for ‘the speedies’ so that a greater range of runners from our club can feel that they can enjoy and benefit from such sessions.

And yes, my school PE buddies were shocked that I now run ultras!

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