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December 2020 Member of the Month

Andy Hazell

Andy stepped up to take over the coordination of the Tuesday run groups, which is a challenge in its self! With the restrictions changing, almost on a daily basis, it became an even bigger challenge! So congratulations to Andy.

Thank you Andy for coordinating Tuesdays – We can’t wait to get back to Tuesdays! 😊

We got in contact with Andy to get to know more about him:

How long have you been a member of Sandhurst Joggers?
In my 2nd year now

What first attracted you to the club?
I already knew a couple of members and them convincing  me that even I could be accepted by a club being not very good at running at the time, I have got a bit better over time,

Tell us a bit about yourself:
I live in Owlsmoor with my long term partner Sue , you are likely to see me ( If not running) on a motorbike or driving my classic Ford Escort,

What benefits do you feel you gain from running, with or without the club?
Health and friendship

Do you take part in any other sports?
I would like to say yes but no.

Do you have a favourite distance you like to run?
I think it has to be 10k as I dint do them a lot but enough to be a challenge still,

Do you enjoy races?
Does anyone enjoy them until they finish them ?

Do you enjoy / participate in the social aspect of the club?
I try to commit to them when I can, the social team make great efforts to bring ideas and things we can do as a club even through the current tough times.

What are your running aspirations?
Keeping getting out and hopefully soon with the rest of the club like we used to.

Is there anything you feel the club could improve?
Currently happy with the club and all it has to offer.

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