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January 2021 Member of The Month

Sharon Burfield

We have all had our struggles with the current situation, but add to that being Matron of two ICU’s during a pandemic, working very long days, shortages of staff and having a young family to look after, but somehow still managing to get out to run!

Thank you Sharon for all you have done during the pandemic – You are a true hero to us all!

We got in contact with Sharon to get to know more about him:

How long have you been a member of Sandhurst Joggers?
I was actually a member back in 2003-2004, but left due to working in London and having my two boys.  I came back to the club in December 2015.

What first attracted you to the club?
They were easy to find and I felt so welcome on my first few runs.  Then when I came back, SJ was the only local club that ran most days, and they are such a friendly supportive bunch I would never go anywhere else!

Tell us a bit about yourself:
I’m a nurse, wife and mum to two boys, who loves running, reading and listening to music.  I love the social aspect of running, as well as the challenge of longer distances.

What benefits do you feel you gain from running, with or without the club?
It helps me to maintain my physical and mental fitness, helps to relieve my stress and means I can eat what I like (within reason!!).  At the moment it really is my ‘me time’ where I can just think or talk about completely random stuff, and forget about the stresses of work.

Do you take part in any other sports?
Occasional cycling, and walking, but it’s really running that’s my main passion.

Do you have a favourite distance you like to run?
Probably marathon or ultra-marathon distance, as I can have a chat and eat nice food whilst enjoying the scenery with my amigos!

Do you enjoy races?
Yes!  I don’t enjoy long waits and queues for the toilet beforehand, but that hasn’t been a problem in the last year!

Do you enjoy / participate in the social aspect of the club?
Yes – I have made some lovely friends at the club and love to get together with them when I can.  I don’t always attend functions but am hoping the ball will go ahead this year so we can all get together properly!

What are your running aspirations?
To keep running until I am 100 (at least!), and I would like to achieve a 3.30 marathon at some point.

Is there anything you feel the club could improve?
I think it will be nice to get back to club runs at some point, and perhaps then we could have a bit of a refresh in terms of marketing..  It would be good to attract some new runners – of all speeds.

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