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Marathon training Plan

Sandhurst Joggers’ marathon training plan by Coach Jim

Here’s a guide to weekly progression of the important ‘Long Run’ in the build up to the London Marathon on Sunday 28th April.

SJ Marathon plan weekly progression.JPG

ER = Easy Run, SR = Steady Run, TR = Threshold Run, HR = Hill Run, FR = Fartlek Run, IR = Interval Run, LR = Long Run, MP = Marathon Pace, 1/2MP = Half Marathon Pace, H&N = Hydration & Nutrition Strategies.

If you are running a different marathon adjust the dates and apply this to the 15 week build up to your chosen event.

Here are 8 useful tips from Coach Jim:-

  1. Don’t neglect higher intensity running. Intervals on Tuesday and Friday Track will help you become faster and more efficient. The Threshold run on Thursday will help develop strength, endurance and mental fortitude.
  2. Long runs do not have to be done on Sundays. Consider running to parkrun on a Saturday or running to a club run during the week to boost mileage.
  3. For anyone that is looking at a time over 5 hours, think about time on feet rather than hitting 20/22 miles on your long run. 3 hours 30 minutes maximum and you will make it to the finish.
  4. For all that use this plan, please use it is only a guide and adapt to fit your individual needs.
  5. You have to be honest with yourself regarding any injuries – get niggles and injuries looked at before they worsen and you cannot run at all.
  6. Be realistic on your finishing time.
  7. Build your training volume gradually.
  8. Be realistic on the number of runs per week you do. If you are running 3 times a week. Then run 3 or 4 times a week and make sure you include an interval run, a Threshold run and your long run in the bank any other easy paced runs are a bonus.

The coaches are available to help you with any questions you have. Carl, Jim or Newton can be found on Friday evenings at 7pm at Bracknell Track, 2 South Hill Road, Bracknell RG12 7NN or via the SJ Facebook Group

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