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Marathon training Plan

Sandhurst Joggers’ marathon training plan

When training for a marathon you need to gradually build up a series of long runs.  The following schedule is a suggestion for those long runs.  The programme is aimed to target runners who are completing London Marathon or another race in the spring time.  The idea is to give people a communal meeting time and place.  This will really keep you motivated during the long winter months especially if it’s your first-time.

The training plan has been split into 3 sections- beginner, intermediate and advanced.

The beginner: Less than 15 miles per week.

The intermediate: Between 15 to 25 miles per week

The advanced: Over 30 miles a week.

This program only shows the long runs and should be completed in conjunction with your own weekly running cross training sessions.

Although I have had experience of running marathons there is no guarantee that this training plan will work for you.  The most important thing when completing marathon training is to listen to your own body and make sensible decisions about your training.  You will be responsible for finding the route and the recording the distance.  We hope that there will be groups of similar pace but we cannot guarantee this so you may want to try and organise this on Facebook before the runs… 20 miles on your own can be very lonely!! Some of the runs take place on a Saturday and some on Sunday.  This is to try and accommodate to the cross-country’s.  The cross-country can form a useful part of your training program.


Begin plan

Intermediate and Advanced:

Mara plan




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