…Wednesday 16 December 2015 …

The blog format has changed! Check out the new area for marathon training plans! Social event area coming soon…

…Sunday 21 June 2015…

Huge success at Endure 24 last week when our teams came in the top 50% of all entered, including our fastest team coming 3rd!!! Relay season is upon us with Runnymede relay next weekend and Ridgeway relay the following day. Make sure you contact John T if you want to enter.

Yateley 10K race 2 is a few weeks away on July 8 (2nd Wednesday on the month this year!). Places have almost gone. Make sure you enter if you want to run. If the race fills up there wont be any places available on the day.

….Sunday 12 April 2015…

Lots of Sandhurst Joggers took part in the Brighton Marathon. Well done to everyone – some great times out there and some PB’s well and truly smashed!

….Monday 30 March 2015….

The SJ Monday night run welcomed the 300th member of the year – Sophie , who was awarded with her own SJ running vest with her name already printed on the back:

Aren’t we a nice bunch? Better get some good use out of it now Sophie! We look forward to seeing you race through the crowds at some future races.

…..Sunday 29 March 2015 ……

The canal run takes place today and the clocks go forward! Don’t be late or you’ll have a lot of catching up to do!

The canal run gives you the choice to run 23, 20, 15 or 10 miles with a drink stop at mile 10. Places are already filled for this year so good luck to everyone running!

…..Tuesday 17 March 2015 …..

A new committee was elected at the AGM on Tuesday 17 March 2015.  The ship will be steered by Ian Watson and the motely crew are as follows;

  • Chairmen: Ian Watson
  • Vice chair: Caroline Cutliffe
  • Secretary: Lisa Harrold
  • Membership: Janice Alves De Sousa
  • Treasurer: Vicky Horne
  • Social: Janet Foran
  • Events: John Tzanetis
  • Cross Country events: Claire Hobson
  • General Member Monday: Patrick Wadsworth
  • General Member Tuesday (x2): Mike Gascoigne and Monica Burbidge
  • General Member Wednesday: Mark Fallowfield-Smith
  • General Members Thursday: Richard Boese
  • Handicap: Simon Willis
  • Publicity: Nikki Stanley
  • Webmaster: Jane Bradley

All contact details for the new committee members can be found of the club website LINK, including some rather dashing mug shots (go on go look!). So if you have any comments to make about sessions, races or life in general please send them a message or grab them at a run (not rugby tackle style please!)


2 comments on “News

  1. Monica Burbidge is also a General Member for Tuesday. It’s a BIIIIIG night out for the SJs, which is why it gets more GMs.


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