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Fleet 10k – SJ Members’ Highlights

Fleet 10k SJ Results 2018

Dave O’Toole

Sunday started  with glorious weather which proved perfect for the Fleet 10k. I have been competing in the 10k now for numious years in fact probably more that 30/40 years, the race is called the (Peter Driver Memorial 10k) and it used to be held at Tweseldown racecourse.

 The 10k has now progressed to Fleet and moved on with time. The race started at 09.30 and I noticed a few Sandhurst Joggers runners, however I don’t understand why being a local first class event there isn’t more SJ representation. Car parking is available for numerous cars and its free on a Sunday. The course is a 2 lap 5k race, the first 2k is downhill, the next 3k is undulating. The course is well marshaled and they are very generous in their support.

 I tried to run both laps in a equal time, my times were 23:05 mins for the first and slightly more for the second at 23:56 mins. Overall there were over 600 runners and I managed to take 198 place. I was pleased with my run and very impressed with the organisation from Fleet running Club. Next year I hope to be entering providing I’m injury free.’



Nigel Evans

‘A nice local race with the weather forecast looking perfect for an enjoyable event and it was lovely meeting up with so many of our friends from Sandhurst Joggers before the start. I had already run Rushmoor Park Run Saturday morning followed by the Halloween Brutal Saturday evening so I was looking for a steady run and to just enjoy the atmosphere.

This was one of a few 10k’s that I am running with my wife Liz on her journey to her first Half Marathon in January next year, she was awesome but I’ll let her report tell her story.

For me it was a lovely two lap route with very friendly marshals and a good crowd especially when running down the high street. Personally I would not call it flat especially when you turn left at the station where there seemed to be more gentle gradients upwards than downhills with a more leg sapping steeper climb just before you turn left back on the high street to start the second lap. It was OK as I like hills. The crowd cheering at the finish was great with a nice medal presented to you by the Scouts. If I can fit it in I’ll probably be back next year.’

Fleet 10k Nigel & Liz medals


Liz Ujszaszi Evans

Well what a difference a week makes, a beautiful day for my first Fleet 10K and third ever 10K! Arrived quite early to collect our race numbers and bumped into lots of lovely SJ’s, so lots of chat before the race. Then we were off, really really enjoyed this route and so many supporters along the way. Marshals were fantastic too. Was struggling by the end again, that hill!! But again Nigel Evans kept me going and Dave Bartlett shouting encouragement too. Finished in 1.01.53, a PB by 5 mins 3 secs! Absolutely loved it.’

Fleet 10k Liz


Sarah Jones

‘I enjoyed the 10k, especially the people of Fleet who were very supportive including a child dressed as Spiderman telling me ‘well done, you have done lots of running!’ The course was hilly towards the end but provides an extra challenge and I was pleased with my new PB!’

Fleet 10k Sarah Jones


Beki Christian

‘I entered Fleet on a whim after a new PB at the Camberley 10k. I really wanted to beat my time from Camberley and ended up setting off far too fast. After completing the first 3km in just under 13 minutes I had to make a conscious effort to slow down to actually breath! After that, I settled to a comfortable pace and just enjoyed the race. I’ve done the Fleet a couple of times before and being familiar with the course was a huge bonus as I knew when there were hills coming up (nothing on the Camberley ones!) and when I could increase pace a bit.

Overall, definitely recommend Fleet 10k. The community spirit is great with crowds most of the way round cheering you on. It’s mostly flat too so a good opportunity for a PB!’


Lisa Hale

‘My first running club was Fleet & Crookham AC, so Fleet 10k has always been a local race for me, but always had a love/hate relationship with it. 2 years ago I promised myself never again, and last year enjoyed watching with a Starbucks in hand shouting encouragement/abuse to my clubmates. The route makes it great for supporters and runners alike, going twice through the high street. This year I’ve found a new love for 10ks, so thought it was about time I gave it another go. I’m glad I did, as it’s great value, very well organised, and friendly, welcoming of all abilities of runner. It’s a 2 lap course with a few undulations…anyone who’s run it will know the temptation to go flat out over the first mile that’s downhill only to regret it as you reach the last which is uphill! There’s a nice medal, secure baggage storage, plenty of free parking and a nice medal, well recommended, this year made even better by perfect weather.’

Lisa Fleet 10k number and medal


Helen Vizard

‘I talked a few of my work colleagues into doing the 5 k as they had done a few park runs now and are starting to get the running bug. Met them in the car park and did a little warm up with them. Then collected my number and saw many Sandhurst Joggers. Including Dave Bartlett who was looking to run a similar time so decided to try and stay with him. We started together on the start line. My first mile was a little quick but it’s quite difficult when it’s a downhill not to go off to fast. Dave was with me and we were still together at the 5k mark. I was starting to tire but just keep going it was lovely to get a shout out from Fiona. It keep me going and I was determined to try and stay with Dave. On the home straight he just had a bit more in him but he was still within my sight. I dug deep and made it up the last killer hill to bring in my best 10k time this year. Thanks Dave.’

Fleet 10k Helen.jpg


Stuart Overhill

‘I was pleased to hear that Fleet 10k was going ahead, so I signed up straight away. The course is not that inspiring, however the support through the town is great including the abuse from Fiona and Jim!’


Sophie Le Saux

‘I have run the Fleet 10k for the past 3 years and it’s definitely a must in my running diary. Very friendly local race and very well organised. Really enjoyed it despite my slowish time!’


Lesley Buckland

‘It was perfect running conditions, a really fresh, dry autumn morning. This is a very nice course, relatively flat so it’s no surprise I achieved my fastest time this year, not a PB, but a result to be proud of. This is the second time I’ve done this race and I would do it again.’


Sarah Hyatt

Having done fleet 10k once before about 6 or 7 years ago I forgot how undulating this course was. I entered quite late as I’d not done a 10k this year. I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular in my performance having hardly done any training for about 8 weeks after finishing Bolton Ironman so was thinking I was on for a potential PW but would try to keep an even pace at about 8mm and see what happens. I knew the start was down hill and in true style I did a fast first mile, trying to settle it down in mile 2. Feeling pretty good I thought I’d try and keep my average pace at about 7:30mm but the ups and downs were more frequent than I remembered so I excepted to drop off pace considerably on the second lap. I started lap 2 using the downhill to my advantage and started passing people, turning left at the bottom knowing the ups and downs were ahead of me, I was still feeling pretty good and passing people perked me up, I pushed up the hills passing more people and used the downs to pass even more, only two miles were left and I was feeling better than I did on the first lap. I checked my watch and my average pace was 7:29 so I told myself dig in and hang on as long as possible. Picking out people ahead of me as targets for the rest of the race. The whole time I wasn’t looking forward to the killer hill at the finish (I did remember this from all those years ago). I checked my watch and I was getting quicker, uh oh I’m going to blow up soon.. but I didn’t! One last push up that hill and a sprint finish to come in at 46:05. Not a PW. I was happy with that.’

Sarah Hyatt Fleet 10k.jpg

Dave Bartlett

‘Having plans for the weekend of the Fleet 10K I left my entry until the last minute. It wasn’t until I ran sub 50 at Camberley that I thought I’d be in with a shout of a new 10PB. Following a convincing run at the Cabbage Patch a week before Fleet I turned up with my watch set for 48:00. As I stood on the start line another runner came up to me with his 18 year old son and asked if I’d pace him to sub 48, so much for running my own race. I can’t help but think that as he sprinted off and left me at 9.5K’s he found the pace easier than me. All the same I was delighted to get over the finish line with a new 10K PB of 47:58.’

Fleet 10k medal





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Can’t Stop The Running – Mark Neve completes back to back marathon’s with the help of David Guetta

I’m not quite sure what possessed me to sign up for Saturn Running’s back to back marathons, other than to quote The Cranberries album, “everybody else is doing it so why can’t we” and maybe a need to see what if? Most of the marathon runners I spend time around at Saturn and Phoenix events have run multiple hundreds of marathons, or at least that’s the way it feels. I’m always eager to hear any advice people have for me, but honestly it’s usually something along the lines of “just get out of bed and go run”.

I was feeling pretty nervous about the weekend, but the goal was to finish my 12 marathons in 12 months this weekend, 2 marathons ahead of my original target of November 11th.

Saturdays run was a really odd one, I woke up with no real feeling about the day although it was a pretty nice coincidence I had race no. 11. All I could think was that I just had to get to Sunday morning and make it out of my bed and to the start line. It was such a lovely sunny day, I just enjoyed something slower than a 26.2 bimble chatting to Leon and Katie, my running buddies for most of the day. Leon was going for the 50k and this was Katie’s first marathon back after a few months off injured. Both of them were also doing the marathon on Sunday, it’s funny but it was just a given that they’d be completing the distance, jesus I really need to get control of my chimp (Chimp Paradox – great book) one of these days. After finishing I had a good stretch, home for some pasta, lots of water, a little foam rolling, a bath with salts (as suggested by Leon) and a very early night.

I woke late on Sunday morning, I’d forgot to set an alarm and so ensues a slight panic. I rushed out of bed to get porridge, chia seeds and honey inside me, then my standard marathon kit together (Sandhurst top, Ronhill twin shorts, Hilly socks, NB shoes, baseball cap, trusty belt & water bottle). Maybe sleeping late helped as I actually felt pretty relaxed, my legs were a little stiff, but nothing like a usual next day marathon zombie walk. This was going to be a special day, as my wife and daughter were coming with me and my wife would run the last 3.28 mile lap with me.

I went to register on Sunday and I had no. 12, George the awesome race director had given me the numbers 11 and 12 for my 11th and 12th marathons which was a lovely gesture. George also announced my 12 in 12 before the race brief and in my mind that was the only distance I was covering today. Martin Gould who has been my marathon buddy from my second marathon pretty much to marathon 12 (he was away on holiday for marathon 11 the slacker!) is there to greet me at the start and our other halves go off shopping in Staines while we run. My pace was pretty much my usual marathon pace for the first half and I even had a second wind at mile 8 but that lasted a single mile. I caught up to Katie at mile 14 and at that point I’d pushed it hard and was really starting to flag, thankfully she was walking and we spent a couple of laps going slow and chatting. At this point I was starting to get pain just above my ankle in both legs, running or walking both hurt. Katie finished her marathon and I still had 2 laps to go but there was no quit in me.

Mark Neve Can't Stop Running mara

After a couple of laps walking and starting to feel a deep ache in my lower shins, it felt easier to run with a little walking. Half way through my last lap, Jonathon, who I’ve got to know over a few races was lapping me and slowed down to chat and say well done on the 12 in 12. I said I was finding it tough and he said “yeah, it’s like when you run your first marathon, it gets easier next time.” I put my running playlist on and I hit a song which really resonates with me when I’m struggling when I’m finding it tough – “Bang my head” (key lyrics at the bottom of this blog) I made it through my second to last lap feeling spent but knowing my wife was going to be there with me and what is 5k ish? As it turns out the last 5k is friggin’ hard, my wife likes to run fast and then get out of breath and complain about being tired and then spend the remaining time telling me how she should not complain as I’m the one who ran marathons etc. We make it to the finish and the fantastic Martin Gould and his lovely other half are waiting for us at the finish even though Martin finished almost an hour before me.

Mark Neve Can't Stop Running medal

Would I do it again? Hell yeah.

Bang My Head
David Guetta

Bang my head against the wall
Though I feel light headed, now I know I will not fall
I will rise above it all
Found what I was searching for
Though I felt light headed,
I should have failed, and nailed the floor
Instead I rose above it all

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Amy Gates tells of her first time at the GSR and her first 10 miler

It was my first GSR, and my first 10 mile race. I was running in memory of my sister, who had lost her fight against cancer 10 years ago on 21st October, I’d decided to raise money for the Sebastian Action Trust and the sponsorship money had flooded in.

I was up early on the morning of the race, eating porridge and trying to locate a cap, I hadn’t expected the warm weather. We left in plenty of time and as we came in towards Southsea we soon found the roads closed and lots of excited runners all heading towards the front. Luckily my husband found a parking space and we headed towards the start.

The atmosphere was great, so many people, both spectators and runners. Not sure I’ve ever seen so many different charity t shirts. I’d guessed my time when entering and was allocated the green wave. I was soon lining up, taking part in a warm up routine lead by the Duracell bunny!! The excitement inside was growing, the sun was shining and I was feeling really positive for the run and for my sister. The count down began, we were off.

It was a slow start but I made it over the start line in 9 minutes, my husband and kids were behind me, but it was great seeing all the supporters as we headed out towards Old Portsmouth. The first few miles were spent weaving, I’d spotted a friend ahead and raced to catch up, to say good luck, after a quick chat I was in the zone again and enjoying the sights of the historic dockyards. So far so good, I wasn’t far off my 9 minute mile race pace, the crowds were brilliant and I loved the music stations a long the way. Soon I was back on the front, seeing the runners on the other side of the road near the finish wasn’t easy!! Knowing I’d see my husband and kids any moment kept me going. Soon I could hear their cheers, I blew kisses and waved with excitement.


The last 3 miles were great, I knew there was a gel station where I’d be able to refuel. I grabbed one on the way past, not looking at the flavour, having ripped it open I popped it in my mouth… I wasn’t expecting the custard (vanilla) flavour! But it did the job, as did the house music for the final mile. It was so busy with runners and tightly packed spectators that I didn’t see my family near the finish line, but it was over… I’d run the GSR in 1.34mins. A great race, which I’ll be doing again next year!

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More GSR action from Stuart Mayes, Shark man and some Duracell Bunnies

Last year, I ran my first GSR and in fact, my first 10 mile race. I was so impressed with the big event buzz, that I signed up for the 2018 event, 1 day after the 2017 run.
Read about Stuarts 2017 race here
For me, race day conditions were perfect. In 2017, the tail end of storm Brian had made things a little windy, but today I was seriously short of excuses.
Obviously, I’d warmed up appropriately and worked through my extensive stretch routine before moving a modest couple of lines from the very front of my orange wave, I was now keen to crack on. I had some unfinished business with those damn Duracell Pacer Bunnies. (AKA A runner in an orange Duracell T-shirt, bunny ears and a flag. Sometimes, also known as, someone running at a pace that bears no resemblance to the flag time)
At the start, my pacing was impeccable. So much so, that I was in front of every pacing bunny. By mile 1, I amused myself immensely by slapping Jim Laidlaw on the back and pointing out, he wasn’t running fast enough. It was going perfectly.
After that, I did that maths. 10 miles minus 1 mile equals 9 miles. Eek. I would be in trouble, pretty soon. It was time to back off a little.
Mile 1-7 pretty much involved me and the bunny over taking each other with a brief appearance of shark-man. After mile 7, the shark had cooked himself in his costume and I had pretty much accepted that the bunny was winning again. For me, my normal run distance is 10 km, so I was feeling a bit like the bunny using the other brand of battery. My pace was dropping.
At around the 8 mile mark, the long return leg down the Southsea front was on my mind. Fellow Sandhurst runner and general Monday night legend, Patrick Wadsworth gave me a good demonstration of his superior endurance by overtaking me.
For me, this was decision time. Last years finish time was 1:17:42. The 1:15 pacer was about a minute in front of me. Was this it? I gently increased the pace to close in on the bunny.  By the final corner which I think is around 400 meters before the finish, I had closed to around 20 meters. It was time to use those handfuls of Jelly Baby goodness. I finished in 1:13:23.
Stuart Mayes GSR.jpg
GSR and the 1:15 bunny pacer, thank you. See you in 2019.
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Great South Run – Tamzin Evershed dances her way through a brilliant 10 miles

My first foray into running as an, ahem, “older” lady was five years ago when I trained from semi-couch potato to half marathon in a few months. I did it alone with a BUPA training plan and running wasn’t yet a part of my life. It was a work team thing and I got round then, mostly because I couldn’t take the embarrassment of being the most senior person in the group and not making it. For the record, Blanche Barnes was at that point in time a work colleague and a committed non-runner(!) I can’t say I enjoyed that event although I did scare a small child by crying when they handed me a medal and the finish photo shows a corpse like grin.

Before that I had done only one half marathon, when I was 27. Spookily it was the Portsmouth half as I was living in Gosport at the time. Even though I was a fit, thin young thing I was overtaken by a 73 year old, Sooty and Sweep and some firemen with their full kit and ladder so I can’t boast any kind of glorious track record.

The brilliant thing this time was that 10 miles didn’t seem like too much of a challenge and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Some of the mental self talk that helped was counting down the miles rather than up and reminding myself that with a few drinks inside me I’m happy to dance for two hours straight, so running for two hours wasn’t much different. I have to thank the Lovely Lisa Harrold for her training runs over the summer that meant I’d got a good few miles in despite a very patchy couple of months when I started a new job in London. I also have to thank Blanche “lightning legs” Barnes for the lift (to the event rather than during, which would have course been cheating) which meant my husband Jonathan and I didn’t have to learn the ropes alone.

GSR SJ crew after finish

It was so much fun to see the other SJs and I can honestly say that I really loved the atmosphere, the crowds, the music and the scenery. We were blessed with great weather too which is always a bonus. I didn’t wear my SJ T-shirt for fear of exposing the club to ridicule if I found it hard going but I’ll be wearing it next year, and may even dare to enter a half again.

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Sam Goodall shares her experience of the GSR supporting MND

Helena Jane Fletcher and myself are still very much involved with the MND world and one of the members who used to run this race was looking to do it for possibly the last time but in his wheel chair with people pushing so we decided to go along and support.

Sam & Helena GSR

I personally am not a born runner, I enjoy it, I love the different races and I love parkrun but really badly self motivated. My intention was to get round, enjoy the crowds and survive. After getting totally lost looking for the parking we abandoned the car in an NCP three miles away and walked, which wasn’t a great start but we made it to the start with plenty of time and joined green band.

Sam, Helena & Karen GSR

We were set off at 11.09 and the crowds were brilliant so we managed to get into a really good pace only slowing to wait for people but by mile 6 I was alone and settled into a nice pace and enjoyed all the crowds and music. I had hoped for under 2 hours 15 minutes and came in in 2 hours 7 minutes. Here’s to next year!

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20th/21st October – SJ Weekend Run Down

Club Announcements

London, Edinburgh and Bournemouth Marathon Draws

If you have been unsuccessful in the London Marathon ballot, you still have an opportunity to get a VLM place through the Club Draw. Also, like last year, we have a place available for the Edinburgh Marathon, and new to this year, a place at Bournemouth Marathon. If you want to put your name in for a selected event or all events, please email Kate Parker at secretary@sandhurstjoggers.org a minimum of 3 days before the Marathon Draw. More details can be found in Kate’s recent email to members and the date/venue for the draw will be announced soon.

Thames Valley Cross Country League Round 3 – This weekend!

The third round of the TVXC League is this Sunday 28th October. The venue is Ashenden Park near Woodley. Remember the super muddy course from last season?

Captain Claire will be sharing the full details by email and Facebook shortly. The post-race drink will be at Bull and Chequers, Woodley Green, Woodley, Reading, RG5 4QP.

Home Cross Country on Sunday 25th November

The countdown is on to our Sandhurst Joggers Home XC at Lord Wandsworth College on November 25th. We’ll need a SJ army to help run the event and also field a strong team so please reply to Wayne’s email and offer to help.

Club Championships

Entries will open this week for the Club Championships so keep a look out for details. If you have completed a 10 miler, half marathon or marathon in 2018 you will have completed at least one of the five qualification events (maybe more!) You just need a 10k, a parkrun (loads of opportunities remain), a round of the TVXC (4 more events in 2018) and a Handicap (just 2 opportunities remaining!) Here’s a reminder of the details:-

Club champs info

Onto the weekend running and starting with parkrun…

The chilliest morning of the autumn greeted runners but the cooler conditions welcomed plenty of quick times.

Ten members joined the the 491 runners at Frimley Lodge where Jon Payne ran strongly to get into the top 20 as the first member to finish. Simon Whillis and Fern Stonestreet both recorded Season’s Bests.

FL PR results Oct 20th

Bracknell parkrun proved to be the most popular amongst members with 17 of the 293 runners part of Sandhurst Joggers. Jane Pond bagged a Course Record and there were more Season’s Bests by Colin Carpenter and Patricia Marshall. Krzysztof Zielinki was first member over the finish line as he took 5th place overall. A great run from Lottie St Aubyn who was 3rd female and got into the top 30 overall as Dad Charlie lugged a 22lb pack around the Great Hollands course. Jane Ralls volunteered as tailwalker.

Bracknell PR results Oct 20th

Nick Metcalfe continued his great run of form at Parkrun Rushmoor as he knocked nearly 30 seconds off his PB as he was first member to finish. Paul James improved his time for the second consecutive week.

Rushmoor PR results Oct 20th

Dinton Pastures regular Kate Parker showed more signs of a return to form as she came within six seconds of her best at the venue.

Dinton PR results Oct 20th

Covering the local tourism first; George Green sampled run nine of the new Marlow parkrun in Higginson Park, Richard Boese volunteered a guide runner at Prospect, Lisa Hale and Stuart Overhill returned to Homewood and Jon Green followed up his longest ever run last week at the Cabbage Patch 10 with a fastest ever parkrun at Woodley.

John Tovell got close to his Season’s Best at regular venue Crane Park, Yvette Glacken completed her 199th parkrun at Luton Wardown, John Featherstone completed his 15th run at Newbury and Neil Praine made a return to his oft-visited venue Worcester Pitchcroft where he recorded his fastest ever parkrun at 18:41.

Scattered across the country we had Philip Boylan in Wales at Llanelli Coast and further north Kevin Forster ran at Gibside near Newcastle. Martin Gould traveled south to Devon to complete run three of Teignmouth Promenade parkrun.

Our most intrepid explorer visited East Coast parkrun in Singapore. Fiona Marshall enjoyed a great run with her daughter alongside the beach.

Don’t forget to add ‘Sandhurst Joggers’ to your Parkrun Profile to help us keep track of your achievements and show the world what a fantastic club we are. If you are not sure how to do this just click here where you can find detailed instructions.

Charlie Bryant had a great run at the Windsor & Eton Run Series Dorney Half Marathon – finishing in 1:45:56.

Windsor & eton Run Series medal

At the same event Phil Guy achieved a long sought after goal as he finished the Dorney Lake 10k in under 40 minutes.

Phil sub 40 10k

Mark Neve and Leon Hicks embarked on part one of a serious marathon mission as they successfully completed Saturn Running’s Can’t Stop the Running Marathon I on a course near Runnymede Pleasure Grounds. Mark completed the marathon distance and Leon 50k. They have already been rewarded with a special Troll themed medal and will get another is they can repeat tomorrow.

As darkness fell a trio of SJ took on the scary prospect of the Brutal Halloween 10k at Alice Holt – Jacq Hudson, Nigel Evans and Gareth Hopkins survived the terrors!

And onto Sunday…

Can’t Stop the Running Marathon II – Mark Neve and Leon Hicks followed up with their second marathons in as many days.

Leon Can't Stop The Running Double.jpg

The Great South Run has been a huge target for many SJs and the Wednesday night 10k to 10 mile course has been popular as members prepared over the last few months. Twenty Nine members toed the very busy start line near Southsea Common and enjoyed a great run in the sunshine. Helena Fletcher also completed the run in 2:16:42 as she supported MND.

GSR SJ Results page 1GSR SJ Results page 2GSR SJ Results page 3

The Fleet 10k was another big event for members. A few members weren’t captured in the resuts table below including Beki Christian who finished in 49:45, Helen Buck who crossed the line in 57:10, Bev Matthews who finished her first 10k in 57:45, Liz Evans who completed her second 10k in 1:02:30 and Sarah Jones who recorded a new PB of 1:13:15.

Fleet 10k SJ Results 2018

We just had one representative in the Fleet 5k but he more than made up for the lack of numbers with the performance as Phil Guy followed up yesterday’s 10k PB with a new 5k PB and 2nd position overall.


Robert Jerrett had a great run at the Henley Half Marathon which featured a mainly flat course except for the single massive hill!

Henley Half Marathon course

Henley Half Marathon profile

More unseasonable conditions greeted members participating in the Thames Valley Cross Country at Heath Warren Wood near Eversley on a twisty course with plenty of hills. Results for rounds one and two aren’t yet available so we will share when we have them.

This week on Strava…

It was another big week on Strava and we hit the century mark once again with exactly 100 members logging runs. This week Mark Neve took the top spot thanks to his double marathon weekend. To take part in this just create a free Strava account and link it to the club in your profile. Here’s the top 10 from last week:-

SJ Strava Leaderboard October 21st.JPG

Please let me know if I’ve missed anything and share your results and achievements in the future so the rest of the club know what you are up to. It’s also great to find out about new events or get an honest opinion on the multitude of events out there so we love to receive run reports. Any member, any event, any distance, any surface! Just email publicity@sandhurstjoggers.org.uk

As always keep a look out on Facebook for details of the weekday evening runs.

Club Events for the week ahead…

Monday: Patrick will be leading the Monday night chatfest from Sandhurst Sports Centre at 7:30pm. The route will cover approx. 6 miles and is back on the road so don’t forget your head torches and high viz. This is one of the most sociable runs of the week and a great opportunity to catch up with friends or discuss the preceding weekend.

Tuesday Club Run: The biggest club run of the week will as always offer multiple groups to cater for all abilities from beginners through to faster and more experienced runners. It’s perfect for novices and those coming back from injury or a long lay-off because you can start with an easy group and work your way upwards. The start time is 6:30pm as always, this week from Sandhurst Memorial Park.

Tuesday Intervals: Later the interval sessions will meet at The Morgan Rec in Crowthorne at 8pm. The session will be Hills session on School Hill. You can read more about the Tuesday night intervals here

Wednesday: Variety is the spice of life and the Wednesday crew have some surprises for you this week. Join them at Sandhurst Memorial Park at 7pm. There will also be run options for those that graduated from the 10k and 10 mile courses to ease you into the regular run.

Thursday: This week the threshold/improvers run will be on the Golden Retriever route. Meet at Sandhurst Sports Centre at 7:30pm and don’t forget lights and high vis clothing. The run is a great way to improve fitness by running as a group at a slightly harder intensity. There is a shorter route available and a sweeper so nobody gets left behind.

Friday: Track is still free and the coaches have some great sessions planned for all abilities to improve fitness and technique. This is a great way to improve your running form and fitness, get faster and help prevent injury. If you’ve never ran on a track before give it a try, it’s a lot of fun and you are never more than 200m away from the start.

Saturday: Lots of members will be enjoying their weekly parkrun fix at 9am on Saturday morning. Wherever you are parkrunning – Don’t forget your barcode!

Members will be taking part in the Milocarians Invitational XC at the RMA.

Sunday: Next Sunday is the third round of the Thames Valley Cross Country League being hosted by Reading Roadrunners at Ashenbury Park near Woodley. Cross Country Captain Claire will be emailing all the details soon.